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Purple Trailing Bougainvillea


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Grows Best In: Full Sun

If you've ever been to California,you've probably seen large hedges or vining, trailing, Bougainvillea clinging onto walls. We found a variety that performs very well in our limited season here in the Okanagan compared to down south in California.

It's taken us a couple of years to figure out how to grow bougainvillea, but we finally have a variety called "Elizabeth Angus" that does well. We'll have these in smaller four-inch type pots and hanging baskets, allowing people to buy them more as a bedding plant, making up their own baskets or mixed planters.

The flower is actually made up of three leaves that have simply turned color. There's a very papery texture to it that lasts forever and ever, which makes them very popular. Does great in the full sun.

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