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Pot Carnations

Pot Carnations

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Grows Best In: Sun to Part Sun

# of Varieties: 16

Sun, sun, sun! Pot Carnations love the warmth of spring, so give them a lot of sunshine. These plants work great as an early spring plant and will continuously bloom throughout the season. Their first bloom is in April, but the side shoots will develop into more flowers later on. Make sure you dead-head the finished blooms to allow for the new shoots to pop through.

The Pot Carnations we have come in many colours, including some bi-colour varieties. They are also very hardy, so they'll survive fine through the Okanagan chill. Just make sure you give them some protection such as mulching. A nice snow blanket will do as well.

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Both of my sons worked at The Greenery this year. What an amazing store. Incredible variety and insane quality. And it smells good too.

-- Miles Overn

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