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Specialty Berries

Specialty Berries

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Want to grow a unique berry? Look for ones like the loganberry, tayberry, jostaberry, boysenberries, or fig! Availability is based on seasonality.


A loganberry is a cross between a blackberry and a raspberry.  It is a thornless, self-pollinator that produces heavy yields of tart, long, reddish-purple berries.


A tayberry is also a cross between a blackberry and a raspberry.  It produces large conical, sweet berries that are purple-red in color.


A jostaberry is a cross between a gooseberry and a currant.  The large black berries taste like sweet black currants.


A boysenberry is a cross between a  blackberry, a raspberry, and a loganberry. It produces large, dark purple berries that are sweet, yet tart.

Everbearing Raspberry

These varieties have early summer and fall crops of berries that are produced on new canes each year.  The canes should be cut part way or to the ground at the end of the season.
  • Autumn Bliss - Large, mild tasting, red berries.
  • Double Delight - Medium sized, sweet and tangy, red berries.
  • Encore - Large, sweet, juicy, red berries.  Nearly spineless canes.
  • Fall Gold - Large, firm, yellow-gold berries with excellent flavor.
  • Heritage - Large, sweet, red berries.  Producing high yields, no staking needed.
  • Joan J - Large, sweet, red berries.  Thornless, spine-free canes.
  • Nova - Medium, red berries with excellent flavor.  Upright canes with light spines.
  • Prelude - Early ripening, medium sized, red berries with excellent flavor.
  • Red River - Medium sized, sweet red berries.

Summer Bearing Raspberry

These varieties have one crop of berries produced on last years canes.  The fruiting canes should be pruned out at the end of the season.
  • AAC Eden - A new thornless variety.  Large, sweet, firm, red berries.
  • Boyne - Medium sized, sweet red berries.
  • Killarney - Medium sized, sweet firm, red berries.
  • Latham - Large, red sweet berries.
  • Tulameen - Large, light red, firm, sweet berries.
  • Black - Large, black colored berries with excellent flavor.
  • Purple - Very large, purple colored berries with excellent flavor.


Blackberries offer excellent hardiness in the garden and produce sweet, dark berries that are large and firm.  Black Satin, Chester, and Triple Crown are all thornless and extremely productive varieties.  Blackberries are delightful whether eaten fresh, used in desserts, frozen or preserved.  A new variety this season is Columbia Star, which offers beautiful conical shaped berries of uniform size that have a sweet flavor and a typical aroma with a hint of raspberry.


Currants are rich in flavor and full of vitamins.  The Black variety produces large, black fruits with excellent tangy flavor, while the Pink Champagne variety has smaller sized, unique translucent, pink berries.  The Red and White varieties would also add flair to dinner dishes and desserts.

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