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During our regular retail season from March to June we'll feature a selection of plants each week and talk more about them on this page.  In our weekly newsletter, the Greenery staff will highlight a variety of plants that are ready to buy with tips on what works best in the Okanagan for early spring, late spring, and summer.  The plants featured in each week's newsletter (March - June only) will be collected here for easy reference.

Assorted Hardy Lettuce

Assorted Lettuce

Bushel and Berry™

Bushel and Berry™ 'Blueberry Glaze Fruit'

Easter Planters

Assorted Tropical Easter Baskets

Hardy Figs




Pot Carnations

Pot Carnation Super Trouper Velvet on Pink

Seed Geraniums

Seed Geranium_Florever White

Solenia Begonias

Solenia Begonia_light

Specialty Begonias

Assorted 4in Specialty Begonias


Totem Strawberries

Trailing Petunias



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Thank you so much for your help yesterday. Those ivy geraniums are unbelievable, it was very difficult to not bring all of them home. They fill up our…

-- Be Hulley

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