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There's something special about starting from absolute scratch.  With 100s of seeds available from A-Z, you can start your very own mini farm.  Enjoy planting and harvesting your own herbs, corn, zucchini, tomatoes and so much more.  Grow your own sunflowers, marigolds, and zinias just to name a few.  Adequate watering and fertilizing are key to good garden performance (good weather helps too!).  But for certain flowers and vegetables, some soils in the Okanagan are not quite as suitable as one may wish (too much clay, not enough organics, too much sand and rock, etc). These soils will need work, by adding preparing the ground with the right soils and fertiizers.





The Greenery carries bagged top soil, steer and mushroom manure, organic soil amendments, composts, mulches, granular gypsum and fertilizers in organic, liquid, water soluble, granular, and slow release form to enrich and improve any garden soil.

If you are growing your plants in pots, planters, hanging baskets or smaller garden bins, we have many different potting soil options(many of which are actually soiless). Since we do not recommend the use of garden soil in containers for reasons of poor root environment, watering problems, diseases and excessive weight, we only carry soil mixes that are sterile and adaptable to all container sizes and tailored for specific, different growing conditions and plant varieties. All of our soils come in either bags or compressed bales and can easily be transported in a car.


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Great selection and prices for flowers, vegetables, herbs, and more. The Greenery is my main source for plants every year. I order 10 hanging baskets every…

-- Sue Cavaghan

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