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Collector Tomatoes

Collector Tomatoes

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Grows Best In: Full Sun

We have divided up our collection into three categories due to the ever increasing selection of new varieties.

Besides our general section, we will have a heirloom section and a section where many of the new hanging basket varieties will be available in 2 1/2" pots for easy planting.  Noteworthy additions this year are two late blight resistant varieties, Defiant and Mountain Magic.  If you grow these this season, please send us your feedback.


Other varieties worth mentioning are:


Indigo Rose, the darkest tomato bred so far with an exceptionally high level of anthocyanins ( a powerful anti-oxidant).

Cherry Cascade, prolific cascades of sweet and juicy 1" fruits  tumble from hanging baskets and containers.

Power Pops, a delicious tomato that can produce 55% more lycopene and 40% more carotenoids than the average tomato.

Valencia, a smooth round, orange-skinned heirloom variety that produces full flavoured meaty fruits with few seeds.

    Heirloom "Sicilian Saucer", an unusually large beefsteak paste type.

    Heirloom "Mortgage Lifter", a meaty beefsteak with few seeds that is a consistent taste test winner. 

    "Orange Wellington", a prolific plant that bears nearly seedless, meaty orange fruits. 

    "Tasty Lee", has superior sweet flavour and 40% more Lycopene.

    "Topsy Tom", similar to Tumbler, but with with more pliable stems.  Good for hanging baskets and upside down planters.
    As well as many, many more!

    Click here to check out our general selection of tomatoes.

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