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Thanks for your note. Yes, I WAS there at 10:30 on opening day! I have constructed two spring planters with my purchases from that day. One is hanging right outside my kitchen bay window (eating area)......the other outside a French door and in plain view each time we pass by. I bring them in at night....but, during the day....I have 2 fabulous reminders that spring is literally upon us. I will see you Sunday for more pansies and primulas. It is time to create a flurry of colour right outside my front door now! My husband told me last year that I had a $100 budget.....let me see....does that mean...per visit...per week....monthly? Fortunately, he loves what I do with the plant products from The Greenery......I have not heard the $$$ limit this year!!! Keep those hands dirty!

My daughter,friend, and I from Penticton visit you yearly for all our plants and make a whole day of it. We look forward to our visits this year as my daughter now has her own garden to look after. Great to see you on Facebook with the tips.

Love your store. My 88 year old mother and I shop till we can't stuff anymore into the car. Every spring. My Hubbie always laughs and says I'm grounded. but when the plants bloom he says great job.

I LOVE the greenery! amazing selection & great prices too!

I worked at the Greenery for a couple of years and I have to say it was the best place I have ever worked. I wish you a very successful year you have the best plants and the best prices look forward to seeing you when we get back.

My first shopping trip to The Greenery this season!! THANK YOU staff for the brilliant smiles, it made our day wonderful :) Oh and all those plants, herbs, flowers made me feel like Spring!!

Best mixed hanging baskets I have ever seen!! I buy one every year =:)

I can't think of a reason why you wouldn't deserve a 5 star rating. Absolutely the best!!!

Thank you so much for your help yesterday. Those ivy geraniums are unbelievable, it was very difficult to not bring all of them home. They fill up our foyer! I'll be down for a couple of flats of the mini geraniums when they are ready. I was told a couple of weeks. Thank you for the tour, it was like visiting Spring with your lovely greenhouses full of flats of veg and flowers.

A little piece of flower heaven!!!

Great selection and prices for flowers, vegetables, herbs, and more. The Greenery is my main source for plants every year. I order 10 hanging baskets every year and they are beautiful. Can't wait for you to open.♡

Great staff! Great plants! Great selection! Looking forward to continuing the tradition of finding both favourites and new plants with my Mom! A great springtime event! ♥

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