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How To: Instant Planters with Zonal Geranium Baskets
Posted on May 30, 2014

Topic(s): Garden Care

We've had many inquiries at our Kelowna garden centre regarding the 4" round pot that is inserted in the centre of the 10" Zonal Geranium hanging baskets.  This pot is intended to be removed allowing the new owner to plant a centrepiece plant such as a dracaena spike or ornamental grass in the middle of the pot without having to disturb the roots of the Geranium.

Here is a simple tutorial to show you how to do this.

Step 1

Remove the hanger from your 10" Zonal Geranium hanging basket, and transplant everything from the plastic basket to a larger pot.

10 inch Zonal Geranium Basket


Step 2

Remove the empty 4" pot from the center of the planter.

10 inch zonal geranium empty pot


Step 3

In the now empty space, add a centrepiece plant like Dracaena.

Dracaena Centrepiece


Step 4

Display your plant and you're done!

If you are not wanting to add a centrepiece, simply remove the pot and replace the soil into the empty space. These baskets each have 6 well established Geraniums in them and look great on their own.

Zonal Geranium Instant Planter


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