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More Hanging Baskets Available!
Posted on June 09, 2017

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Remaining 12" Mixed Hanging Baskets and more!


The remainder of our mixed hanging baskets for sun and for shade locations will be available on Friday, June 9th.  These are the baskets we have held onto to ensure our pre-order numbers were accurate and now that most everything has been finalized and picked up we can release everything that remains.
Row of Mixed Sun Hanging Baskets
Row of Mixed Sun Hanging Baskets
Due to early sell outs of hanging baskets, we will also be selling some of our trial baskets from our display areas.  This would include some 12" Calliope and Ivy Geraniums, some 12" Wave and other Trailing Petunias as well as some 10" Calibrachoas.

The limited quantities of these hanging baskets will be on tables A1 south and A4 north.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!
The Greenery Family
Tasmanian Tree Ferns

We have a little selection of small starter plants of Tasmanian Tree Ferns in 4.5" pots available for only $5.99.  These tropical beauties will take years to grow into a delightful tropical Tree Fern, with a 'hairy' soft brown stump and intricate fronds that unfurl into long delicate leaves.

You will find them right up front on table W1 beside our personal 10 year old specimen.

Tasmanian Tree Fern 4.5 inch potted starter plants 
Tasmanian Tree Fern 4.5" Potted Starter Plants
10 year old Tasmanian Tree Fern 
10 year old Tasmanian Tree Fern
Bring Home the Tropics: Tropicanna Canna Lilies

Canna Lilies add bold height and texture in flower beds and are a perfect centrepiece in large containers.  They are also an excellent choice for ponds and other water gardens.  We still have a good selection of Tropicanna Canna Lilies and they can be found on table A1 north.

Tropicanna Gold
'Tropicanna Gold'

The stunning 'Tropicanna' or 'Tropicanna Gold', all available in 2 gallon pots for $18.99.  The exotic foliage of the 'Tropicanna' emerges bright burgundy and matures to large leaves striped with red, pink, orange, and green.
Echibeckia Summerina Yellow
Echibeckia Summerina 'Yellow'
Photo from
In case you missed it earlier, there is still a nice selection of Echibeckia available.

Echibeckia is a cross of hardy Echinacea and colourful Rudbeckia resulting in long lasting 3" blooms all summer long!  These beautiful sturdy perennials reach 24" in height and bloom from summer right into the fall.  These beauties prefer a well drained planting site and will benefit from a dry mulching for added overwintering protection.

Choose from Echibeckia Summerina 'Yellow', Summerina 'Brown', featuring petals of dark and milk chocolate with orange edges surrounding a dark brown cone, and Summerina 'Orange'.

These are located on table E10, out beside the perennial section.
Lemon Grass_ Rosemary _ Mint 3.5 inch potted plants
Lemon Grass, Rosemary, and Mint 3.5" Potted Plants
Fresh Plantings of Herbs

Have you been waiting for some fresh herb plants to be ready?  

We will be bringing out the final planting of various herbs on Saturday morning.

These will include Mints, Rosemary, Lemon Grass, and more, which will all be found on tables  A16 south and A17 south.
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June 2017 - Week 2


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