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2012 Standout Performers
Posted on October 03, 2012

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2012 Standout Performers
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Video Series: Standout Performers 2012

The cold has swept into our valley, but our plants are still blooming away this late in the year! We've trialled hundreds of different plants throughout the summer season to see how they grow in terms of bloom power, colour, size, and mildew/disease resistance.

Join Kirsten Segler as we go through this year's standout performers--as well as introduce a handful of new plants--which will be available in 2013.
Standout Performers Part 1


* "Blue Star" Laurentia
* "Indian Dunes" Exotic Geranium 
* "Catalina" Exotic Geranium 
* "Crystal Palace Gem" Exotic Geranium 
* "Fireworks Bi-Color" Exotic Geranium   

...and 4 others featured! 

Standout Performers Part 2


* "Lucky Rose Sunrise" Lantana
* "Lucky Lemon Glow" Lantana
* "Elizabeth Angus" Bougainvillea
"Million Kisses Devotion" Begonia
* "Bon Bon Sherbet" & "Cherry" Begonia  


...and 15 others featured! 

6th Annual Blooming Hall of Fame Photo Contest
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