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Petunias Aplenty! Plus, You'll LIVE for These 'Living Wall' WallBags
Posted on April 12, 2019

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This week we opened the four front aisles in selling section A allowing access to our 4" Geraniums before they get moved into their regular location.  Our full set up of Petunias in section C is complete, there are plenty of perennials to peruse through in sections F and G and you'll still find a bountiful selection of Berries in section D along with all the other Hardy Vegetable crops.

Plenty of Petunias
Plenty of Petunias!
Our shipment of Bamboo and a new Senecio will be arriving for the weekend and a shipment of seed potatoes has loaded up the shelves.  Also check out our 'Living Wall' Wallbags planted with tropical foliage plants!
Looking forward to seeing you soon!
The Greenery Family
Plenty of Petunias!
The stage is set for our full selection of Trailing and Mounding Petunias to be set up on Tables C9 to C15.
Be bombarded by colour with Colorblitz Blue Ocean, Bluerific and Lavender Shades.
Petunia Colorblitz Ocean Blue
Petunia Colorblitz Ocean Blue
Adding to the Main Stage, we have new Blueberry and Pink Vein. Both varieties have dark purple veins.

The Dekko Series, originally placed with our mounding petunias last year, have an abundance of smaller 2 inch flowers on very well behaved TRAILING stems. 

We have added more stars to our petunia show, the Headliners. The new varieties this year are Dark Saturn, and Starry Sky Burgundy, to compliment our main Headliner Petunia NIGHT SKY.
Petunia Night Sky
Petunia Night Sky
In the Mounding section, the new Good N Plenty petunias are similar to the popular Potunias, with a bit more vigor and branching. 

Potunias themselves have the new Coral the Pantone Colour of the year! 

For those who like something a little more unusual, check out Ray Sunflower (Black and Yellow Star), Crazytunia Cosmic Purple (Bright Purple with dark purple star), Sweetunia Fiona Flash (The brightest yet of the "Johnny Flame" types).
Petunia Colorblitz Bluerific
Petunia Colorblitz Bluerific
Petunia Dekko Lavender Eye
Petunia Dekko Lavender Eye
Petunia Starry Sky Burgundy
Petunia Starry Sky Burgundy
Petunia Potunia Coral
Petunia Potunia Coral
Plenty of Petunias
Plenty of Petunias
Plenty of Petunias
Living Wall Wallbag
'Living Wall' Wallbag
Instant 'Living Wall' & Tropical Reload

This season we have planted wallbags with tropical foliage plants, for a beautiful 'living wall' effect.  Just pick up a wallbag or two and hang them in a nice bright filtered light location and Voila! you have a stunning wall feature! 
We have also brought in an additional shipment of 4" potted tropicals including more Senseverias, Snake Plants, Ferns, Dracaenas, Ficus, Schefflera, Sugarvine, Pepperomia and Ponytail Plant.
Living Wall Wallbags
'Living Wall' Wallbags


Senecio Angel Wings!
An exciting new addition to our collection of interesting plants this season is Senecio Angel Wings!  With long, broad velvety leaves in a dazzling matte silver colour with slightly toothy edges, it will certainly catch your eye!  This beauty was the new plant of the year at the Horticultural show last fall and is said to have potential as a specimen plant, in the succulent garden, in mixed containers or even in garden bed borders.

Senecio Angel Wings
Senecio Angel Wings
Fargesia Bamboo
Fargesia Bamboo

Bamboo is the fastest growing grass on earth- it can lock up four times the CO2 as a comparable forest tree and release 35% more oxygen!

Choose from non-invasive, clumping varieties that are perfect specimen plants or medium screening options, such as:

Fargesia Dracocephala 'Pinju'- growing to 3m high and is hardy to -24C.

Fargesia Nitida 'Sita'- growing to 4m tall and is hardy to -29C.
More Seed Potatoes

Seed Potatoes

Our shipment of Seed Potatoes from Abetkoff Farms in Grand Forks has arrived. There are 5lb bags of Yukon Gold, Warba, Norland, Kennebec and Chieftan (a scab resistant improvement of Pontiac) as well as others available.


There is still a great selection of Gourmet Seed Potatoes, including Banana, French Fingerling, and Blue Russian, as well as Organic Seed Potatoes all in bags and boxes located up front around the corner from table A1 South.

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