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Standout Performers of 2014
Posted on March 30, 2014

Topic(s): Garden Care

At the end of our retail season, we plant up all of our show plants and place them on display in The Greenery parking lot. This allows us to monitor and grade a huge variety of plants throughout the rest of the growing season.

By trialling different varieties of plants, especially the new ones on the market, we're able to see the bloom power of the plant (how much they bloom, how long they last), the vigour and overall size, the compatibility of the plant with the Okanagan climate, as well as the disease and mildew resistance that the plants may have.

In this five part series, we feature our top standout performers for the 2014 planting season. Some of the plants shown have made a return from past years, which just goes to show their continuous reliability and flourish!

Standout Performers of 2014: Part 1


Standout Performers of 2014: Part 2


Standout Performers of 2014: Part 3


Standout Performers of 2014: Part 4


Standout Performers of 2014: Part 5 (Summary)


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