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We've Got Lots to Smile About!
Posted on March 31, 2017

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Store Hours for the Week of March 26 - April 01

Good news!
We now have Petunias, Seed Geraniums & 4 pack Petunias


Assorted Wave Petunia
Assorted Wave Petunia
As temperatures slowly increase and the weather becomes more agreeable, we continue right on schedule with our set up.  A full selection of early Seed Geraniums can be found on table C8 temporarily for now.

The first planting of Wave Petunias in 2.5" is available on table C7.  While the 4 pack Petunias are completely set up and in location on tables C16 through to C20.

Maverick Violet Picotee Seed Geranium
Maverick Violet Picotee Seed Geranium

Strawberry Plants & 4 pack Tomatoes 

Our Jumbo 6 packs of Strawberry plants are now ready and can be found on table D16.  Choose from June-Bearing varieties such as All Star, Cavendish, Honeoye, Kent and Totem.  As well as Ever-Bearing day neutral varieties such as Eversweet, Tri-Star, Seascape and Albion.

The first planting of 4 pack and 2.5" Tomatoes are now available and can temporarily be found on table B10.  Choose from all the favourites, including Bush Beefsteak, Big Beef, Sweet Baby Girl, Sweet Million and many more.

Wave Petunias_ Tomato Transplants_ Seed Geraniums
Wave Petunias, Tomato Transplants, Seed Geraniums

Looking forward to seeing you soon!
The Greenery Family
Bushel & Berry Selection

Bushel & Berry bushes (previously called BrazelBerries) are a collection of berry varieties that offer ornamental qualities as well as amazing edible fruits on small stature bushes.  The idea is that you can plant these plants in containers on your patio, balcony or anywhere in your landscape, requiring minimal care and allowing for a rewarding and easy harvest.

BrazelBerry Raspberry Shortcake
Bushel & Berry
'Raspberry Shortcake'
BrazelBerry Jelly Bean
Bushel & Berry
'Jelly Bean'

Try out Bushel & Berry 'Raspberry Shortcake'--a true dwarf, thornless raspberry plant that produces sweet fruits. Or try 'Blueberry Glaze', 'Peach Sorbet', 'Pink Icing', 'Perpetua' or 'Jelly Bean'--four super compact blueberry plants that have incredible ornamental qualities while producing beautiful plump berries.  New to the collection is 'Blackberry Baby Cakes', which is a dwarf thornless bush reaching only 3' to 4' in height and width that produces large, sweet, juicy berries.
BrazelBerry Peach Sorbet
Bushel & Berry 'Peach Sorbet'
Hardy Figs are now available! Choose from 'Chicago Hardy', 'Desert King' or 'Olympian'.  All three of these are cool season varieties, hardy to zone 5 or 6, and will bear medium to extra large fruit on eventual 8' to 10' trees.
Early Shrubs 

There will be a selection of shrubs available this weekend as well.  Choose from Rhododendrons such as Hellikki, Mandarin Lights, Nova Zembla and PJM Elite Star, French Lilacs, Boxwood and Forsythia, which will soon be a popular request as people begin to see the brilliant golden blossoms burst open along the branches before any signs of foliage.

Solenia _ Reiger Begonias
Solenia & Reiger Begonias
More Plants to Brighten Your Day

A few more tables are available for you to browse through in our main centre aisle, where you will find some beautiful Celosia, Flowering Maples, Scented Geraniums, Iochroma Trees and early Kong Coleus.

The Gerbera Daisies are looking great covered in blooms, available in 4" and 5" pots on table B1 and B5.  A selection of bright and blooming Solenia and Reiger Begonias are also available on table W3 and A2 South.

Flowering Maples 'Red Princess' and 'Julia'
Flowering Maples
'Red Princess' and 'Julia'
Purple Iochroma
Purple Iochroma
Gerbera Daisies
Gerbera Daisies
More Seed Potatoes

Seed Potatoes
Seed Potatoes

Our shipment of Seed Potatoes from Abetkoff Farms in Grand Forks will be arriving. There will be 5lb bags of Yukon Gold, Warba, Norland and Pontiac as well as others available.


There is still a great selection of Gourmet Seed Potatoes, including Banana, French Fingerling, and Blue Russian, as well as Organic Seed Potatoes all in bags and boxes located up front around the corner from table A1 South.


The backordered Asparagus roots--both Jersey Knight and Millennium varieties have arrived and are available.

Hardy Vegetables Restocked

Also tables D17 to D20 are all restocked with Hardy Vegetable Plants that are ready to be planted out into the garden for nice early, bug free crops!


We just planted our first crop of lettuce last weekend and are looking forward to picking fresh.  The little wire cages are to keep the quail from eating the tender transplants.

Lettuce Garden
The Greenery's first crop of lettuce is planted!
2 Square Foot Lettuce Garden
2 Square Foot Lettuce Garden

But what if I...


...Don't have the garden bed ready?




...Don't have the space for an edible garden bed?


Try our 2 square foot gardens!


These containers have an assortment of 8 lettuces that are almost ready for harvest.

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