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Grows Best In: Sun to Part Sun

# of Varieties: 7

Alocasia leaves, whether enormous or small, are either heart or arrow shaped and often have striking markings and colorations. Because they are tropical plants, alocasias require special care in order to survive and thrive indoors. We also grow them outdoors during the summer and make for great planter centerpieces.

Light: Bright, indirect light is a must for these plants—never expose them to direct sunlight. If bright light is at a premium in your space, alocasias can survive in slightly lower light situations, but don't attempt to grow them in the darker areas of your house.

Water: Like most tropicals, alocasias prefer slightly moist conditions, with a weekly misting to promote humidity. Don't let the plant sit in water, however, and when misting, aim for a light spray rather than a soaking. Wipe the leaves regularly to remove dust.

Soil: A loose, well-drained potting soil is best. Never use regular garden soil from the outside garden; the texture and consistency will not promote healthy growth for indoor plants.

Temperature: Keep alocasias in temperatures above 10 degrees C. They will either die or go dormant if exposed to colder temperatures—if you suspect your plant has gone dormant due to cold temperatures, try removing all of the above-soil growth and cross your fingers that the plant will begin to regenerate with new growth.

Repotting: Plan to repot once a year, but remember that alocasias prefer to be slightly rootbound—living in a too-small pot actually promotes more growth of the dramatic foliage. Remove dead foliage from the bottom of the plant to keep its appearance neat and fresh.

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