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Grows Best In: Shade to Part Shade

# of Varieties: 40+

  • Over 40 varieties available

When people think of landscape plants for adding color to their yards, prolific bloomers often come to mind right away. But don't forget that some landscape plants make a colorful statement not with flowers, but with foliage.  Our Landscape Coleus is a great example.

Coleus, although it does bloom, is grown as a foliage plant, not for its flower. Traditionally a shade plant, there are now types of coleus that can be grown in the sun. We have an excellent selection of Landscape Coleus, as well as Kong Coleus, a newer seed variety with huge, colourful, broad leaves on compact plants.

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Both of my sons worked at The Greenery this year. What an amazing store. Incredible variety and insane quality. And it smells good too.

-- Miles Overn

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