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Pelargonium (Martha Washington)

Pelargonium (Martha Washington)

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Grows Best In: Sun to Part Sun

Pelargonium, otherwise known as Martha Washington, are a hardier type of Geranium that work well in colder conditions and bloom repeatedly year after year. Their petals are a lot fancier than regular Geraniums, but still feature the same crinkled dark-green leaves.

When flowering stops in the summer, cut the Pelargonium to 4" and place it in a pot with new soil. Make sure the pot has drainage underneath; Pelargoniums do not like to be overwatered. It is also best to keep the plant in indirect sunlight and let it rest over the summer with infrequent watering and no fertilization.

Allow to two months of cooling down the plant before moving it outside in the fall when the temperature reaches around 10°C or keep in a cool basement to allow for flower buds to emerge. Flowering will happen once again in March.

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