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Scented Geraniums

Scented Geraniums

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Grows Best In: Full Sun

Scented geraniums, unlike their regular garden geranium counterpart, are known for their fragrant foliage. Also commonly known as the "mosquito plant" or "citronella geranium", it's an excellent plant for warding off mosquitos.

We have noticed an increase in the pesky mosquito population whenever rain storms hit the Okanagan Valley.  Perhaps it is time to put the 'Citrosa' Geranium to the test!  Claimed to keep mosquitoes, black flies, and other biting insects at bay, try planting a few around your outdoor living spaces and let us know if they truly are a 'Mosquito Fighter".

Even if it has no effect, its refreshing citronella scent and attractive foliage will make it worthwhile.

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