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Specialty Begonias

Specialty Begonias

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Grows Best In: Sun to Part Sun

Our Specialty Begonias (also known as Vegetative Begonias or Boliviensis Begonia), are a wonder to behold! Begonia lovers will really appreciate the differences in colour and form. Early season plants include Rex begonias, Reiger, Solenia, and others. The Pink Reiger has a gorgeous pale pink flower, while our Rex begonias are the showboats of the begonia world, grown for their multicolored leaves.

A bit later in the spring, late April to early May, our Specialty Begonia baskets start to show amazing colour. Available in 12" and 14" baskets, these include the popular varieties Bonfire, Million Kisses and Encanto, among others.


Specialty/Vegetative Begonias vs. Tuberous Begonias

Vegetative begonias are usually grown from propagation (cuttings), whereas Tuberous Begonias are grown from tubers, or bulbs.


See related plant: Tuberous Begonias

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Both of my sons worked at The Greenery this year. What an amazing store. Incredible variety and insane quality. And it smells good too.

-- Miles Overn

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