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Begonia Nonstop 'Rose Petticoat'

Tuberous Begonias

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Grows Best In: Sun to Part Sun

# of Varieties: 25+

The tuberous type of Begonia is very popular around the world as a bedding plant and also as a greenhouse plant. The tuberous types are grown for their flowers although there are a few varieties and species which have interesting leaves and growth.

The flower size can range from small, 1/2 inch flowers, to the large exhibition types that can have flowers the size of dinner plates. The flowers range in type from singles to full doubles and come in every color except shades of blue. There are even flowers with different color edges and some are scented. The plant types range from trailers that are grown in hanging baskets with pendulous flowers to sturdy upright plants. The tuberous types grow from bulbs and go dormant during short days during the fall and winter. They are restarted in the spring.

Our 12" Trailing Illumination Begonia hanging baskets have really nice colour by late April/early May, and are available in 7 colours and a mix.


Specialty/Vegetative Begonias vs. Tuberous Begonias

Vegetative begonias are usually grown from propagation (cuttings), whereas tuberous begonias are grown from tubers, or bulbs.

  • Over 25 varieties

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