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Vegetative Petunias

Vegetative Petunias

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Grows Best In: Sun to Part Sun

These vegetative petunia varieties won't trail such as the super trailing types, but they do mound and spread and are great for planters or hanging baskets set lower for viewing. They boast the best variety of colours, including the world’s first black petunia, returning from previous years... Black Velvet!

Not to forget about the other amazing colours, there's Potunia Plus Papaya, Sweetunia Mystery, Peppy Purple, Sweetunia Bordeaux, and Surprise Orange Twist. For a WOW effect, try out Crazytunia Knight Rider with yellow and purple bicolor flowers. To put your garden in the spotlight, Sweetunia Orange Flash, Flashmob Bluerific, and/or Flashmob Redtastic will have you shimmering with delight.

The returning stars of our vegetative program are POTUNIAS! These newer types of petunias have all the benefits of the regular trailing varieties such as self-cleaning (no deadheading), self-branching (no pinching or cutting back), and prolific flowers all summer long, all wrapped up in a more compact, controlled habit, perfect for pots or beds.

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