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Bushel and Berry™

Bushel and Berry™

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Bushel and Berry™ (previously named BrazelBerries) are a recently introduced collection of berry varieties that offer ornamental qualities as well as amazing edible fruits on small stature bushes.  The idea is that you can plant these plants in containers on your patio, balcony or anywhere in your landscape, requiring minimal care and allowing for a rewarding and easy harvest.

Try out Bushel and Berry™ 'Raspberry Shortcake'—a true dwarf, thornless raspberry plant that produces sweet fruits. Or try Bushel and Berry™ 'Peach Sorbet' and 'Jelly Bean'—two super compact blueberry plants that have incredible ornamental qualities while producing beautiful plump berries.

We are also looking to get Bushel and Berry™ 'Blueberry Glaze' in the future!

You may overwinter these plants by storing them in your garage or shed, once the leaves have fallen.

Please note: these are only available in season.

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