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Herbs and Spices can be some of the easiest plants to grow in your garden or containers. You can use them in cooking and preserving to add flavour, to create your own teas, jellies and relishes, or dry them for winter use.  Herbs can also be used as natural remedies for numerous health concerns, from headaches to high blood sugar, sore throat to a good night's sleep. You can add your favourite fragrances and colours to homemade soaps, potpourris, scented bath tonics, wreaths and sachets to freshen your clothes or keep those pesky moths away!

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Lavender about to bloom

The Greenery Garden Centre in Kelowna grows a large variety of herbs and spices including: many different basils, oregano, rosemary, thyme, mint, lavender, parsley, chives, bay leaf, cilantro and dill.

You can grow herbs in your garden in many different ways:


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Great selection and prices for flowers, vegetables, herbs, and more. The Greenery is my main source for plants every year. I order 10 hanging baskets every…

-- Sue Cavaghan

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