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Grows Best In: Full Sun

Every garden should have at least one lavender in it!  With so many different varieties to choose from these days, the fragrance they add as well as the beauty and structure, they are perfect in a sunny location in the garden.

Known for their resistance to those problematic deer and for their excellence in attracting pollinators such as bees, butterflies and hummingbirds, Lavender is an excellent choice for many gardeners.

Dilly Dilly:
A compact growing variety, with violet flower spikes reaching above the silver-grey foliage and reaching 12-16" in height.
Fred Boutin: This lightly compact bush plant has slender, branched stems with small lavender-blue flowers (reaching 18") and dense wooly almost white foliage.  An excellent choice for landscaping borders with its attractive foliage holding into the cool season.
Grosso: An extremely fragrant variety with long stems that are excellent for dried bouquets and potpourris.  Deep Violet flowers reach 24" most of the summer, attracting butterflies and other pollinators all season.
Phenomenal: Strong silver foliage forms a bushy mound with long spikes of purple-blue flowers reaching 24-32".  Excellent for fresh cutting and drying.

Provence: Known as French Lavender, this variety features very long (30"), dense and full spikes of subtle lavender-blue flowers on sturdy, rot resistant foliage.  Wonderful for fresh bouquets, lavender wands, potpourri, and culinary purposes.  The aroma is milder and sweeter than other Lavenders.
Blue Cushion: This spectacular dwarf variety has grey green foliage and is free flowering with deep lavender-blue flowers over a long season.  Excellent choice for borders, herb garden and even containers.
Silver Edge: Long spikes of medium blue flowers make a show above a bushy mound of grey green leaves that are edged in creamy white.Reaching a height of 22-28" this variety is excellent for fresh cutting or drying.
There is a great selection of lavender plants on tables E10 to E19, including 3 year old plants in 4.5" pots for only $3.99 and 2nd year plants for $2.59 in 3.5" pots.

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