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Lily Looks 'Tiny Sensation'

Asiatic Pot Lily

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Grows Best In: Sun to Part Sun

The 'Lily Looks' Series is a new generation of Oriental Pot Lilies that are genetically shorter (ranging from 12" to 16") and sturdier, so no staking or caging is required. If you would like to plant them in your garden, assure that some of their live roots are still attached and do not allow for the bulb to dry, as it will die. Allow a fair amount of space between each plant, usually 9-18 inches apart.

They are available in a full range of colours and have been selected for their higher flower production and their reduced sensitivity to leaf scorching and bud abortion.

Beautiful and brightly coloured, these fragrant flowers have a high flower production and are great for cutting and attracting hummingbirds.

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