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Bellis (English Daisy)

Bellis (English Daisy)

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Grows Best In: Sun to Part Sun

Bellis species are mostly perennials, and grow from 5 to 20 cm tall. They have simple erect stems, and most species have basal leaves. Bellis radiate flower heads that are produced one per stem.

Start inside 8-10 weeks before planting outside. Sow seeds on the surface, providing light and temperatures around 21°C. Germination is in 2-3 weeks. Bellis will flower the first year if they are started in early spring. Sow directly outside from mid-summer to early autumn for flowering the following year. Plant outside after last frost in full sun to part shade, 6-12 inches apart. Keep bellis well watered so that they do not dry out. Mulch lightly after ground is frozen in fall and divide the plants after flowering every 3 years.

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