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Doronicum (Leopard's Bane)

Doronicum (Leopard's Bane)

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Grows Best In: Part Sun to Part Shade

Doronicum, or Leopard's Bane, is among some of the oldest cultivated 'ornamental' flowers. Native to Eurasia, this flower grows well in open woodlands, meadows, and alpine regions—well suited for our Okanagan climate. An early Spring bloomer, their yellow flowers can provide excellent contrast and compliment other spring bulbs.

These flowers stand brightly above a cushion of heart-shaped toothed leaves. Their height can range from 6 inches to 4 feet. With its earlier blooming time, this flower attracts butterflies and other nectar-feeding insects.

For a spring-blooming perennial, Doronicum has quite a long growth habit to it. It starts blooming mid-April and has a good bloom time on it; about a good six weeks or so. In the beginning of May, the ones we sell have good buds available that open up and give us flower power later on in the month of May, maybe even in the beginning of June.

Simply dead-head the old flowers and the new flowers will keep flushing out from there.

Doronicum grows best with a half-day sun, half-day shade environment.

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Its the BEST!! place in Kelowna to get your flowers, I have shopped at the Greenery for the past 7 years, I would not go anywhere else. Prices are great!…

-- Bonnie Simpson

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