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Shasta Daisies

Shasta Daisies

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Zone: 5-7

Shasta Daisies, also known as Leucanthemum, are very interesting plants, with flowers that sport long oval or feathery petals out of a yellow center. They have a long bloom time, from early summer to autumn.

Make sure the soil for your Shasta Daisies retain their moisture by adding a thin layer of compost and a couple inches of mulch.

Our favourite variety is 'Becky' and we also have Leucanthemum 'Snowbound': This cute, short and neat variety has masses of single white daisy flowers from late spring to mid summer.  A vigorous performer both in a container or garden bed and hardy to zone 5.

Other varieties include:

  • 'Bridal Bouquet'
  • 'Goldfinch'
  • 'Luna'
  • 'Paladin'
  • 'Victorian Secret'
  • Real Glory Series

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