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Find the garden planter that will compliment your garden, deck or entrance at The Greenery!  Besides a very extensive list of plants that can be used to create your own masterpiece planter, we also offer a large variety of pre-planted planters in various sizes and price ranges for placement in sun or shade locations.

Coleus Stock Pots

10in Coleus Stock Pots 2

Easter Planters

Assorted Tropical Easter Baskets

Hardy Spring Planters

Assorted Hardy Spring Planters

Mixed Planters

Assorted Fibre Pot Planters-2

Specialty Begonia Planters

Assorted 8

Succulent Planters

Mixed Succulent Planter

Insider Tip!  For those of you with your own decorative pots already in place, our unique pre-planted fibre planters can be used as a "drop" in for a quick, easy and instant job. Another choice for an easy planter project is our 10" upright Geranium baskets. These baskets have 6 well established Zonal Geraniums encircling an embedded empty pot. Simply transplant the basket into your existing container, remove the empty pot from the centre and add a dracaena spike, ornamental grass or other centrepiece plant. Add a few trailing plants along the outer edge, perhaps some Sweet Potato Vine, Lotus Vine, trailing Verbena, Bacopa or Wave Petunias, and VOILA! you have a beautiful "homemade" planter for a sunny location.


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