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Bell Peppers

Bell Peppers

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Grows Best In: Full Sun

# of Varieties: 25+

There are a variety of peppers being grown, but perhaps one of the most common one is the bell pepper. Bell Peppers are known for their crisp sweet taste that lacks the spiciness of other peppers.

Plant bell pepper seeds indoors first. When moving outdoors, the soil must be soft and well fertilized before you plant the seedlings. Spacing between each plant should be about 1.5 feet apart.

To achieve the best results, plant in a warm season and make sure the plant receives ample sunlight and the soil around it is moist. Cold and frost will kill the crop if not.

Bell peppers are ready to harvest when they are 3-4 inches long. Leaving it on the plant will mature its colour from green to yellow or red.

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