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Add the WOW to Your Patio with Hanging Baskets!

Posted on May 18, 2017

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Store Hours for the Week of May 14 - May 20

16in Wire Frame Moss Hanging Basket
16" Wire Frame Sun Moss
Hanging Basket
More Hanging Baskets!


Coming out Friday morning at 10am is a limited selection of 16" Wire Frame Moss Hanging Baskets. Planted with an array of over 50 plants and lined with natural fresh moss, these baskets are really looking good.

They will all be on tables just in front A-1 South and A-1 North.
16in Wire Frame Moss Hanging Basket
16" Wire Frame Shade Moss Hanging Basket
Have a safe and fun long weekend. Looking forward to seeing you soon!
The Greenery Family
More Two Gallon Tomatoes

Our assortment of beautiful, large two gallon tomatoes are now restocked! Choose from 40 different varieties--some beefsteak, some cherry and even some collector types!
Assorted 2 Gallon Tomatoes
Assorted 2 Gallon Tomatoes
Echibeckia Summerina Yellow
Echibeckia Summerina 'Yellow'
Photo from
Looking for something a little newer to try?

Echibeckia is a cross of hardy Echinacea and colourful Rudbeckia resulting in long lasting 3" blooms all summer long! These beautiful sturdy perennials reach 24" in height and bloom from summer right into the fall. These beauties prefer a well drained planting site and will benefit from a dry mulching for added overwintering protection.

Choose from Echibeckia Summerina 'Yellow', Summerina 'Brown', featuring petals of dark and milk chocolate with orange edges surrounding a dark brown cone, and Summerina 'Orange'.

These are located on table E15, out beside the perennial section.
More Wonderful Water Plants

Water Hyacinth
Water Hyacinth
Another shipment of Water Plantswill be arriving for the long weekend. We will have fresh stock of Water Lilies, Water Hyacinth and other Floating selections as well as Oxygenators, including Myriophyllum brasiliensis or Red Stem Parrot Feather.

You will find the entire selection of water plants on table B20 and along the south East corner of selling section B.

Red Root Floater
Red Root Floater
Looking for a Plant We Didn't Mention Here?

Greenery Plant Guide Map We have set up a guide of the common locations for our most popular plants to help you quickly locate them at our largeretail area!

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