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Annual 2 for 1 Sale

Posted on June 24, 2015

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Greenery Annual Sale

Store Hours for June 21 - June 28

The Greenery's 2 For 1 Sale

It's Back! For 4 days! The Greenery's annual 2 FOR 1 sale starts on Thursday, June 25th and continues until we close our doors for the season on Sunday, June 28th.

This year's sale includes all remaining annuals, vegetables, herbs, water plants, perennials, as well as a small selection of zonal geranium baskets, new guinea impatiens wallbags, and basket stuffer stock pots.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!
The Greenery Family
Remaining Annual and Tropical Plants Include:
Assorted Tender Succulents
Assorted Tender Succulents
Zonal Geraniums
Assorted 4" Zonal Geraniums
Cyperus Papyrus (King Tut)
Cyperus Papyrus (King Tut)
Regal Princess Pennisetum
Regal Princess Pennisetum
Remaining Bedding Packs Include:
Bedding Pack Impatiens
Bedding Pack Impatiens

Bedding Pack Marigolds
Bedding Pack Marigolds
Assorted Bedding Pack Petunia
Mixed Assorted Bedding Pack Petunias
Assorted Bedding Pack Lobelia
Assorted Bedding Pack Lobelia
Bedding Pack Salvia
Bedding Pack Salvia
Remaining Vegetable & Herb Plants Include:
Assorted Corn
Assorted 2.5" Corn
Assorted 2.5in Basil
Assorted 2.5" Basil
Assorted 2.5in Cucumbers and Squash
Assorted 2.5" Cucumbers and Squash
Attention Giveaway and Weekly Draw Winners!
If you won a prize from the Photo Contest, Weekly Draw, or Glove Giveaway, this is your last chance to pick up your prizes at The Greenery Garden Centre before we close at the end of June 28th!

If you miss it this year, you will still be able to pick up your prizes next year :)

Lastly, stay tuned for the 9th Annual Photo Contest coming this fall!
List of Winners for the Glove Giveaway & Garden Gift Basket:

Week 01 (April 9):
Glove Giveaway Facebook Winner: Elaine Ophus, Duane Ophus
Garden Gift Basket In-Store Winner: Sharon Clausen

Week 02 (Apr 16):
Glove Giveaway Facebook Winner: Raegan McIntyre, Leanne Marriott
Garden Gift Basket In-Store Winner: Kathy Kennedy

Week 03 (Apr 23):
Glove Giveaway Facebook Winner: Donna Cameron, Darcie Gavin
Garden Gift Basket In-Store Winner: Jim Crawford

Week 04 (Apr 30):
Glove Giveaway Facebook Winner: Shelley Dey Foley, Brooke Schwarz
Garden Gift Basket In-Store Winner: Ron Keith

Week 05 (May 7): Mother's Day Giveaway
Facebook Winner: Alysha van Boven
In-Store Winner: Rosie Stuart

Week 06 (May 14):
Glove Giveaway Facebook Winner: Verna Shoemaker, Anne Jensen

Week 07 (May 21):
Glove Giveaway Facebook Winner: Eveline LeNoble, Michelle Roberts

Week 08 (May 28): Garden Tour Ticket Giveaway
Facebook Winner: Paula Davison, Janet Otto
In-Store Winner: Sherry Gulley

Week 09 (June 4):
Glove Giveaway Facebook Winner: Maureen Wyborn, Bonnie Pederson

Week 10 (June 11):
Glove Giveaway Facebook Winner: Christin Watson, Cheryl Bush
Garden Gift Basket In-Store Winner: Pam Kastner

Week 11 (June 18):
Glove Giveaway Facebook Winner: Angela Hein, Sharon Whitehead
Garden Gift Basket In-Store Winner:
Vicki Benham

Please pick up your prizes at The Greenery Garden Centre if you haven't already!
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