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Annual 25% OFF Sale on Now!!

Posted on June 14, 2019

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The Greenery's 25% OFF Sale Starts June 14th!


As you all know, summer is just around the corner, which means The Greenery is slowly winding down its business for the season.
This year, we are starting our traditional 25% Off Sale on Friday, June 14th and our 2 For 1 Sale on Wednesday, June 19!
Then, Sunday, June 23th will be our last day open.
Looking forward to seeing you soon!
The Greenery Family
Plenty of Annuals!

4 Pack Fibrous Begonias
4 Pack Fibrous Begonias

The tables still have a good selection of annuals! These include:

  • Specialty Thunbergia Vines (Table A10 North)
  • Red Leafed Ornamental Bananas (Table W1)
  • 4 Pack Cosmos (Table A11 North)
  • 4 Pack Coleus (Table A11 North)
  • 4 Pack Celosia (Table A11 North)
  • 4 Pack Portulaca (Table A12 South)
4in Potted Geraniums
4" Potted Geraniums
Assorted Lantana
Assorted Lantana
Assorted Zinnias
Assorted Zinnias
Assorted Bacopa
Assorted Bacopa
Bedding Pack Alyssum
Bedding Pack Alyssum
Assorted 4 Pack Celosia
Assorted 4 Pack Celosia
Cordyline _Draceana Spikes_
Cordyline (Draceana Spikes)
Canna Lilies
Canna Lilies
Supertrailing Petunias
Supertrailing Petunias
Veggies & Herbs still available!
Veggies & Herbs Still Available!

There are good sized Tomato, Cucumber, and Squash plants, as well as a few 2 gallon Tomato plants on table A 13 North to A 17 North.

An assortment of Specialty Basils, a good selection of Cilantro, Chives, Parsley and Sweet Basil can still be found with some other remaining herbs on tables A15 south, A16 south and A17 south.

You will also still find Onions on table D17, Rhubarb on table D18, Cabbage, Kale and Broccoli on table D19 and a great selection of assorted lettuces on table D20.

Assorted 4 Pack Lettuce
Assorted 4 Pack Lettuce
Cucumbers, Squash, Melons,
& Pumpkins
Crassula _Tender Succulents_
Crassula (Tender Succulents)
Tender Succulents & Cactus!

We have a great selection still remaining of Tender Succulents.

This includes Echeveria, Crassula, Sedum, Aeonium, Kalachoe, Senecio and more!

We also recently restocked our Cactus tables.

These items will not be available during our 2 for 1 sale so if you are still wanting a few of these, be sure to get here before June 19th!

Aeonium _Tender Succulents_
Aeonium (Tender Succulents)
4_ Potted Cactus
4" Potted Cactus
Plenty of Remaining Perennials!

As always, all remaining perennials will be 25% off as well. Certain items as indicated below will not be available during our 2 for 1 sale.
A good selection of these are still available:

A good selection Perennials NOT available for our 2 for 1 Sale:
  • English Ivy
  • Japanese Forest Grass
  • Black Mondo Grass
  • Water plants
    • Hardy Water Lilies
    • Marsh Marigold
    • Elephant Ears
    • Variegated Cat Tail
    • Water Iris
    • Lizard Tail
    • Mares Tail
    • Assorted Floaters
The Greenery Gift Certificates
Greenery Gift Certificates
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