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Another Wave of Hanging Baskets Are Here

Posted on May 29, 2015

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Store Hours for the Week of May 24 - May 30

Beautiful Hanging Baskets!

Hi there,

Our second group of 10" mixed sun hanging baskets will be available on Saturday morning, these are the same as last week with 15 different plants in each basket.
10in Mixed Hanging Baskets
10" Mixed Hanging Baskets
Now that all our large mixed hanging basket orders have been finalized and picked up, we are able to offer the remaining and spare baskets to the public! Saturday morning a small group (about 40) 12" mixed shade hanging baskets will be available and they are still only $32.99.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!
The Greenery Family
Calibrachoa Hanging Baskets

We also have a great selection of 10" Calibrachoa hanging baskets still available! These come in a wide array of colour shades, are excellent performers in the Okanagan sun and require little maintenance (no dead heading needed).

If you are looking to attract hummingbirds and butterflies, this is the hanging basket choice for you!
Aloha Hula Cherry 10in Calibrachoa Hanging Basket
'Aloha Hula Cherry' 10" Calibrachoa Hanging Basket
Aloha Kona True Blue 10in Calibrachoa Hanging Basket
'Aloha Kona True Blue' 10" Calibrachoa Hanging Basket
Callie Yellow 10in Calibrachoa Hanging Basket
'Callie Yellow' 10" Calibrachoa Hanging Basket
Mini Famous Orange 10in Calibrachoa Hanging Basket
'Mini Famous Orange' 10" Calibrachoa Hanging Basket
Aloha Hula Godiva 10in Calibrachoa Hanging Basket
'Aloha Hula Godiva' 10" Calibrachoa Hanging Basket
Aloha Midnight Purple 10in Calibrachoa Hanging Basket
'Aloha Midnight Purple' 10" Calibrachoa Hanging Basket
Celebration Patio Macchiato 10in Calibrachoa Hanging Basket
'Celebration Patio Macchiato' 10" Calibrachoa Hanging Basket
Mini Famous Neo Rose 10in Calibrachoa Hanging Basket
'Mini Famous Neo Rose' 10" Calibrachoa Hanging Basket
Unique Focal Point Plants
Foxlight Series

The Foxlight series is a new interspecific hybrid Foxglove that truly turns heads! These plants form a low mound of green foliage, with tall spikes reaching 20 to 24" in height. Foxlight 'Ruby Glow' boasts large, bright raspberry-coloured flower spikes that showcase a peachy-orange throat, while Foxlight 'Plum Gold' has beautiful dark spots spilling out of the throat of each blossom.

Even though these beauties are not hardy for our zone, they will offer great colour through to late summer, they attract hummingbirds and are a great cut flower. They can be found in 3.5" pots on table D3.

Digitalis Foxlight Ruby Glow
Digitalis Foxlight 'Ruby Glow'
Digitalis Foxlight Plum Gold
Digitalis Foxlight 'Plum Gold'

Need a bright pop of colour? The newer Kniphofiaseries offers nice compact grassy foliage and an abundance of flower spikes all season long.

The "Glow" series offers two varieties with blooms that truly seem to glow on through the late season until frost:

  • 'Ember Glow' features bicolour yellow and orange flower spikes that look just like candy corn
  • 'Fire Glow' has large bicolour orange and red spikes

The "Popsicle" series is available in a range of yellows, oranges and reds:

  • 'Mango Popsicle'
  • 'Lemon Popsicle'
  • 'Orange Vanilla Popsicle'
  • 'Redhot Popsicle'
  • 'Pineapple Popsicle'
  • 'Papaya Popsicle'.
All these Kniphofia are sure to attract hummingbirds all season long. They can be found in 4.5" pots on table D-4.

Kniphofia Creamsicle
Kniphofia 'Creamsicle'
Kniphofia Orange Vanilla Popsicle
Kniphofia 'Orange Vanilla Popsicle'
Cyperus Papyrus (Giant Papyrus)

Cyperus papyrus 'King Tut', commonly called Giant Papyrus, is a tall, clump-forming, tender perennial sedge grass that thrives in moist soil. It produces large heads of pendulous, fine hair-like leaves on tall upright stems. This exotic-looking beauty is a rapid grower, reaching up to 6 feet in height, and makes for an impressive centrepiece.

Or try growing the stouter version of 'King Tut', the smaller cousin, 'Little Tut', which reaches a manageable 3 to 4 feet in height. You can find these on table B19 close to our selection of water plants.

King Tut Giant Cyperus Papyrus
'King Tut' Giant Cyperus Papyrus
Little Tut Cyperus Papyrus
'Little Tut' Cyperus Papyrus
Tired of Mosquitoes?

We have noticed an increase in the pesky mosquito population since the recent rain storms hit the valley. Perhaps it is time to truly put the 'Citrosa' Geranium to the test! Claimed to keep mosquitoes, black flies, and other biting insects at bay, try planting a few around your outdoor living spaces and let us know if they truly are a 'Mosquito Fighter".
Mosquito Plant Citrosum - Mokkie (Wikipedia)
Mosquito Plant 'Citrosum'
Photo by Mokkie/Wikipedia
Even if it has no effect, its refreshing citronella scent and attractive foliage will make it worthwhile. There is a good selection of Citrosa Geraniums in 4" pots on table B17.
Assorted Lettuce
Assorted Lettuce
P.S. The Greens are Good for Eating!

We are now eating lettuce and broccoli from our garden for two weeks! No bugs so far!

We are fully stocked on our hardy vegetable tables D-19 and D-20.
Greenery Garden Tour Giveaway Winners
Congratulations to Sherry Gulley (in-store winner) and
Paula Davison (Facebook winner)! Each of you have won a pair of tickets to the Flower Power Garden Tour!

Please come in and pick it up at The Greenery anytime we're open.

Didn't win but want to go to the Garden Tour?

Tickets are still on sale! Early bird pricing is $32 until May 31st and $37 after.

To buy tickets, ask us at our checkout (can be purchased cash-only) or visit:

Greenery Garden Glove Giveaway
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