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Berry Delights Have Arrived!

Posted on March 26, 2021

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This week we continue our setup as we fill out the retail area into selling sectionsD andE, and we have opened more aisles in selling section A,allowing access to the 4" pottedGeraniums.

You'll find an incredible selection ofberries,and we have tried to help you out with your choices with some great information below.

A selection of Mimicry Plants as well as some specialty Cactus will be arriving and should be available for the weekend,so be sure to come in and pick one up if you've been waiting!

All theearly hardy vegetables are stocked and ready in location on tables D17- D20. We also have some early 4 pack tomatoes available now on table A2 South.

Lastly, we are currently planting and hanging some of our 20,000+ hanging baskets that we grow each season!We offer a wide variety of hanging baskets and wallbags both online and in-store.
However, our Mixed Hanging Baskets (Sun and Shade) will be available online ONLY, on the following dates:

12" Mixed $34.99 - April 23rd
16" Mixed Fibregow $79.99 - April 30th
14" Mixed Premium $44.99 - May 7th

You can read about how and when plants are released for purchaseon our website.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!
The Greenery Family

Beautiful early blooming Violas!

We've Got aBunch of Berries

While our backorder shipment allowed us to restock our berry selection, they are moving fast this season. Choose fromRaspberries andBlueberriesas well as Blackberries, Currants, Grapes andGooseberries.They are nicely rooted in, showing good growth, and are available topurchase. All Berries can be found on tables D13, D14, D15and D16.

Haskaps (Honeyberries) and Saskatoonshave been planted and will still need a little time before they will be available.

Everbearing Raspberry

These varieties have early summer and fall crops of berries that are produced on new canes each year. The canes should be cut part way or to the ground at the end of the season.
  • Autumn Bliss - Large, mild-tasting, red berries.
  • Double Delight - Medium-sized, sweet and tangy, red berries.
  • Encore - Large, sweet, juicy, red berries. Nearly spineless canes.
  • Fall Gold - Golden yellow, medium-sized, sweet berries.
  • Heritage - Large, sweet, red berries. Producing high yields, no staking needed.
  • Joan J - High yields of large, sweet, deep red berries.
  • Nova - Medium, red berries with excellent flavour. Upright canes with light spines.
  • Prelude - Early ripening, medium-sized, red berries with excellent flavour.
  • Red River - Medium-sized, sweet red berries.

Summer Bearing Raspberry

These varieties have one crop of berries produced on last year's canes, while the fruiting canes should be pruned out at the end of the season.
  • Boyne - Medium-sized, sweet red berries.
  • Cascade Delight - Large, conical, sweet red berries.
  • Killarney - Medium-sized, sweet, firm, red berries.
  • Latham - Large, red, sweet berries.
  • Meeker - Large, sweet, red berries.
  • Tulameen - Large, light red, firm, sweet berries.
  • Black - Large, black coloured berries with excellent flavour.
  • Purple - Very large, purple-coloured berries with excellent flavour.


Blackberries offer excellent hardiness in the garden and produce sweet, dark berries that are large and firm. Black Satin, Chester, and Triple Crown are all thornless and extremely productive varieties. Also available this season is the White Blackberry which produces large, sweet and juicy white fruits on second year canes.


Currants are rich in flavour and full of vitamins. The Black variety produces larger, black fruits with excellent tangy flavour, while the Red and White varieties produce slightly smaller fruits. Use currents to add flair to dinner dishes and desserts.


When plantingBlueberryplants, it is best to plant two different varieties for better pollination and a bigger harvest. Most soils are alkaline (have a high pH); since Blueberries like acidic conditions, add lots of plain peat moss or sprinkle granular sulphur over the growing area. Like all berries, add a balanced fertilizer at planting time.
  • Bluecrop - large, bright blue, sweetfruits.
  • Chandler - the largest-sizes berries, some said to reach cherry size!
  • Wild Blueberry - the low-growing native variety, producing small sweet berries.
  • Duke - large, light blue fruits later to bloom and ripen.
  • Northland - medium-sized berries, tasting much like wild blueberries.
  • Reka - medium, firm, light blue fruits on vigorous upright plants.
  • Patriot - huge berries produced early in high yields.


The first planting ofStrawberryplants is now available!

Choose from June-bearing varieties: Honeoye, Allstar, or Eclair; and Ever-bearing, day-neutral varieties: Albion, Seascape, Ever Sweet and Tristar.

These are in jumbo 6 packs on table D16.

Mimicry Plants

With the proper care and love you are going to really enjoy growing these little succulents. The number one rule with these (especially the Lithops - Living Stone plants) is to not overwater them. Also remember that succulents love the sunlight!
Assorted Mimicry Plants

Hardy Vegetables

Tables D17 to D20 are stocked withHardy Vegetable Plantsthat are ready to be planted out into the garden (in most locations) for nice early, bug-free crops! Nothing beats picking the first crops of lettuce, broccoli, and kale and it could be only a few weeks away!
Early Hardy Vegetable Packs
Setsand starter packsof Kelsae and Walla Walla Onions are available, and starter packs of Bunching, Red Globe, Yellow, Sweet Spanish and Candy Onions as well as Leeks.

There is also a full selection of Cabbage, Kale, Kohlrabi and Cauliflower, and over ten different lettuces to choose from.

As well our first 4 pack Tomatoes are now available for those who have been waiting to plant early in their greenhouses. You can find these on table A2 South.
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