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Colourful Flowers And Edible Crops

Posted on March 18, 2021

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A full selection ofPansies, Primulas,Bellis,Myosotis, Ranunculus, Cool Wave Pansies andPotCarnationsis now available in sections 'C', 'D' and 'E'.

Choose from tables full of over 100 varieties ofPansiesandViolasin shades of yellow, blue, purple, red, orange and many bicolour varieties.

Read on to see more details on our available selections!

Looking forward to seeing you soon!
The Greenery Family

Bellis (English Daisies)
Mache Series Ranunculus
A sea of Violas

Cool Wave & Freefall Pansies

Cool WavePansiesand Freefall Pansiesare the earliest to bloom in the Spring. The blooms hold up well in rain and weather better than the large-flowered types.

Thesetrailing pansiesare the most vigorous and prostrate of spreading pansiesand make unique baskets, mixed combos, and great ground covers.

Some exciting varieties in the Cool Waveseries are Blueberry Swirl, Morpho, Fireand Sunshine & Wine. The Freefall series boasts a beautiful Morpho and Marina. A full selection of trailing pansies can be found on table'C1' and 'E1'.
Pansy 'Cool Wave Blueberry Swirl'
Pansy 'Freefall Morpho'
Pansy 'Freefall Marina'
There are some lovely bright coloured10" hanging basketsthat contrast beautifully with the Cool Wave Pansiesavailable for some great early frost-tolerant colour.
10" Cool Wave 'Morpho' Hanging Basket
Assorted 10" Trailing Pansy Hanging Baskets

Our Garden is Planted!

Our first planting in our garden is looking good! We have a mixture of Lettuce and some Broccoli planted in our garden bins. These are two crops that can certainly take the frosty nights. An early planting like this produces an early, usually bug-free harvest. We place the little wire cages we built around the small plants to help keep the quail from enjoying our vegetables before we do.

Cool Cole Crops

We have a good selection of early hardy veggies and herbs available on table 'B6' & 'C6'. Choose from young bedding packs ofCole cropslike Broccoli, Kale, Cabbage, and Kohlrabi, as well as some 2.5" pottedLeaf crops, such as Lettuces, Kale and Collard,that are nearly ready to eat. You can also choose from Onions, Leek, Beets, Swiss Chard, Cauliflower, Spinach and Peas.

Don't forget we have a great selection of herbs that can be placed in a bright location on a windowsill in the kitchen for easy fresh picking during these cooler early spring days. As the weather continues to improve, you will be able to plant them outdoors in planters or the garden.
Early Hardy Vegetable Packs
Assorted 2.5" Potted Lettuces

Seed Potatoes & Backordered Berries

Our shipment of Seed Potatoes from Abetkoff Farms in Grand Forks will be arriving on Friday. There will be a good selection of Seed Potatoes - White, Yellow, Red and Russet types offering early, mid and late-season harvests.

Also, our backorder of Berries and Onion sets will be arriving on Friday. If you have been waiting for something to arrive, we should have it available on Saturday.
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