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Easter Planters, Strawberries, & Loads of Flowers!

Posted on April 17, 2014

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Store Hours for the Week of April 13 - April 19

Happy Easter!

Hi there,

Looking for a beautifully planted gift basket or other flowering plants for a present to take along to your Easter dinner party this weekend? We have mixed tropical planters in Easter baskets and colourful pots, as well as blooming Gerbera Daisies, Pansies, Kalanchoes or Solenia and Reiger Begonias that would also bring smiles to any host's face!
Assorted Tropical Easter Baskets
Assorted Tropical Easter Baskets
Hardy Outdoor Spring Planters
Hardy Outdoor Spring Planters
Solenia Begonia
Solenia Begonia
Gerbera Daisies
Gerbera Daisies
We also have a great selection of outdoor hardy Spring planters to welcome your Easter visitors at your doorstep! Planted in different styles of plastic pots. For something nice to hang up outside, the viola wallbags are showing some nice color.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!
The Greenery Family
Sensational Patio Gerberas

The bright and beautiful Patio Gerberas look sensational in containers on patios, porches and balconies. The large and successive flowers can be enjoyed outdoors throughout the spring and outdoors during the summer months or can be cut and placed in a vase to brighten an indoor space.
Patio Gerbera Serengeti
Patio Gerbera 'Serengeti'
Patio Gerbera Yellowstone
Patio Gerbera 'Yellowstone'
We have six different varieties available this season ranging in color from soft pink, bright fuchsia pink, orange, red, yellow and even two tone orange and yellow and these can all be found along the north wall tables to the north of table A-4 North.
Patio Gerbera Bighorn
Patio Gerbera 'Bighorn'
Celosia Intenz
Celosia 'Intenz'
Celosia 'Intenz'

Celosia Intenz has vibrantly colored spiky blooms which are perfect to add texture into mixed containers or as a stand alone eye catcher in a patio pot. It is a fairly low maintenance plant which can also be used in the landscape in a full sun location.

Celosia Twisted
Celosia 'Twisted'
The Twisted Celosia is a stunning new variety that has "twisted" crested flower heads to add a unique accent in your garden or container. Celosia hails originally from the Tropics, so be sure to wait until the weather is warm and settled before planting them out in the garden. Look for these selections on table A-1 North.
Sweet Strawberries

It's time to get your Strawberries! We have set up the full selection, on table D-17, of Jumbo 6 packs for $2.69 each. Choose from the same great selection as last season, including June bearing varieties (All Star, Annapolis, Cavendish, Honeoye, Kent, and Totem).

We also have five Ever bearing day neutral varieties: Eversweet, Tri-Star, Hecker, Seascape, and Albion. Albion is a new variety that is supposed to do well in our climate and matches
Seascape in taste.
Impatient for Impatiens? Wait No More!

Even though temperatures have been cool, we are still staying on schedule with our set up. This week we have filled the New Guinea Impatiens tables, to the north of the cashier area, including the Sun Patiens and Sun Harmonies which are becoming more popular as gardeners begin to see their potential.
Sun Patien Electric Orange
Sun Patien 'Electric Orange'
New Guinea Impatiens Tamarinda Max Sweet Pink & Red
New Guinea Impatiens 'Tamarinda Max Sweet Pink & Red'
These type of Impatiens are able to tolerate a lot more direct sun than the regular New Guineas, in fact in our summer trials, we placed some in a west facing flowerbed and they performed quite well.
Bloomin' Begonias

The Begonia tables, to the south of the cashier area, are also full with the Non Stop, Illumination and Breeze tuberous Begonias--the last two being trailing types. We also expanded our varieties of the more sun tolerant boliviensis types, such as Bonfire and Million Kisses which are becoming more popular every year.
Begonia 'Sparks Will Fly'
Begonia 'Sparks Will Fly'
Begonia Million Kisses
Begonia 'Million Kisses'
New is the Mistral series in dark red, orange and red, California Sunset and the Beauvilia series from Europe, which is a bit more upright. And of course you will find the indestructible Red Dragon Wing. Problems with other Begonias? This one will do well everywhere. Look for our selection of Specialty Begonias on table A-2 South.
Begonia Nonstop Rose Petticoat
Begonia 'Nonstop Rose Petticoat'
Begonia Nonstop Golden Orange
Begonia 'Nonstop Golden Orange'
Fresh Moss
Fresh Moss
Get Covered! Moss Available

If you are looking to get started on your wire frame plantings, now is a good time to pick up your moss, as our fresh shipment has arrived!

Also arriving is another shipment of Pacific Rim Baskets and the backordered Coco-liners are here as well!
Congratulations to our Weekly Winner!
Therese Hugeulet, enjoy your Garden Essentials Gift Basket!

(Please come in and pick it up at The Greenery anytime we're open.)

About the Contest

Each week we have a draw in our garden centre for everyone that filled out a ballot during that week. Ballots are available in-store only, although you may want to check our Facebook page in the near future for special goodies for our Facebook friends!

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