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Geraniums, Shrubs and more!

Posted on April 13, 2018

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This weekend our complete set up of Geraniums will be ready for browsing in selling section B. Easily one of the most reliable and versatile plant species there is, offering a long season even in a cooler, wet Fall with very limited pest or disease concerns.

The starter shrubs are looking great, as well as the Alstroemeria and Osteospermum. Venus Fly Traps, a shipment of fresh moss, and an additional shipment of seed potatoes have arrived too!
Looking forward to seeing you soon!
The Greenery Family
Geraniums Galore!

The full Geranium set up includes:
Read on below for more details for each!
Interspecific Geraniums

Over the last seven years or so, Calliope 'Dark Red' has become our best seller in the hanging baskets! Again for this season we have all the colours available including 'Scarlet Fire', 'Burgundy', 'Hot Pink' and 'Lavender Rose', as well as the first bi-colour in the Calliope series: 'Crimson Flame'. Also to add to the Calliope series this season is 'Deep Rose', 'Magenta', 'Pink', 'Pink flame', 'Salmon', 'Violet', and 'White'

Anotherinterspecific series of Geraniumis the dark leaved, more compact Caliente series, with new 'White' this season to add to 'Fire', 'Lavender' and 'Orange'.

Calliope 'Salmon'
Calliope 'Pink Flame'
Ivy Geraniums

Ivy Geranium 'Focus Red Ice' offers very consistent variegation in the flower, nice zoning on the leaf and has a vigorous growth habit. While 'Precision Burgundy Ice' has incredible contrast between the white and burgundy in the flowers and offers a slightly more compact growing habit.
Ivy Geranium 'Precision Burgundy Ice'
An Ivy Geranium series we are really getting excited about is "Great Balls of Fire"! These boast perfect form, with tight, double flowers having less petal drop.

In this series look for:
  • 'Blue'
  • 'Dark Red'
  • 'Deep Rose'
  • 'Lavender'
  • 'Light Lavender'
  • 'Merlot'
  • 'Violet Blue'
  • 'White'
Ivy Geranium 'Great Balls of Fire Deep Rose'
Zonal Geranium 'Americana Salmon'
Zonal Geraniums

In Zonal Geraniums, there are some wonderful, reliable performers year in and year out. The Rocky Mountain series and the Americana series are consistently our top sellers due to their vigour and size which is perfect for either the landscape or containers.

Rocky Mountain 'Dark Red' is our #1 selling Zonal Geranium followed by 'Dynamo Dark Red' which is a unique, blue toned red colour.

The Fantasia series is remarkable for a darker leafed, medium growing, sturdy stemmed choice. Standout in this series are Fantasia 'Strawberry Sizzle', 'Cranberry Sizzle' and 'Purple Sizzle'.

The Big Ezee series has big broad heads of flowers on shorter and wider growth. 'Fuchsia Blue','Dark Red', 'Neon', and 'Pink' complete the selection. Be sure to check out this red as we think it is truly the brightest true red colour we have ever seen in a geranium.
Zonal Geranium 'Fantasia Cranberry Sizzle'

The Savannah Series offers dark foliage on medium vigour plants in a variety of stunning colours:

  • 'Cerise Sizzle'
  • 'Hot Rod Red'
  • 'Hot Pink Sizzle'
  • 'Merlot Sizzle'
  • 'Oh So Orange'
  • 'Really Red'
  • 'Ruby Sizzle'
Savannah 'Cerise Sizzle'
Exotic Geranium 'Crystal Palace'
Exotic & Scented Geraniums

Exoticgeraniums have some real appeal with their unique leaf colouring and zoning.
Our #1 selling Exotic Geranium, Crystal Palace boasts beautiful three toned leaves of chartreuse, mid-green and dark green and beautiful, bright orange, single blooms.

On the Scented Geraniumtables, look for some trusted returnees such as 'Citronella', 'Chocolate', 'Pink Capitatum', 'Lemon Fizz', and 'Quercifolia' (Wasp Shocker).
Scented Geranium
'Pink Capitatum'
Martha Washington
'Elegance Sunrise'
Martha Washington
'Aristo Black Beauty'
Mini Martha Washington
'Angel Eyes Blueberry'
More Starter Shrubs

While ourstarter size shrubsfrom Van Belle Nursery have been available for the last couple of weeks, some other varieties that have just been potted up are now available as well. Van Belle, located in Abbotsford, BC is also a family business that has been specializing in growing containerized, cold hardy ornamentals since 1973.
Choose from over 30 different and exciting varieties of Hydrangeas in 4.5" square pots for $7.99 each. Like last season, we will have the Everlasting series including Amethyst, Garnet, Harmony, Jade and Noblesse.

Returning this season in the hardy paniculata type Hydrangeas is the Lavalamp series, including Candelabra, Flare, and Moonrock.
For you gardeners with limited space, Bombshell Hydrangea might be the right choice for you, with it's large white flowers and compact growth habit.

Hydrangea 'Lavalamp Flare'
Hydrangea 'Lavalamp Candelabra'
Exciting new Hydrangeas from Concept Plants for this season include:

'Inspire'- truly unique, full mophead blooms that are made up of flowers that look like stars! The flowers will start out small and chartreuse in colour and then transition to giant pink or purple beautiful specimens.

'Love'- sweet, baby pink doubled rosettes with yellow centres will mature to a dark pink mop head later in the summer, offers a long bloomtime, blooming on old and new wood!

'Miss Saori'- giant flowers consist of hundreds of white heart-shaped petals that are edged in red creating a very doubled and sweet look over burgundy foliage in spring and fall. Well branched, fast growing, reblooming and blooming on old and new wood!

'Onyx Peacock'- prolific, giant pink, blue and purple flowers throughout the summer on sturdy BLACK stems! Soil pH will determine the flower colour, more acidic soil brings more blue flowers, fast growing, blooms on old and new wood!

Hydrangea 'Miss Saori'
Hydrangea 'Onyx Peacock'

Other popular shrubs we have returning this season are Butterfly Bush Flutterby Petite Blue Heaven and Tutti Fruitti Pink, Sambucus Black Lace, Spirea Poprocks Rainbow Fizz, Syringa Scent & Sensibility Pink, Viburnum Summer Snowflake and Weigela Date Night Crimson Kisses. Great for small hedging projects are the Dwarf Boxwood and Berberis (Barberry) Carousel and Sunsation and for a unique ground cover try out the Drift series Roses.

Returning this season are the Bella series Potentilla, offering a tidy growth habit and compact size, with larger flowers with colours that intensify rather than fade. Bella Bellissima has intensely pink blooms from top to bottom and Bella Sol has fiery orange flowers smothering virtually care free shrubs.

Potentilla 'Bella Bellissima'
Stunning Alstroemeria!
Come in and check out our selection of Alstroemeria(Princess Lilies) which has been temporarily set up on table B4 for this past week. This stunning, fairly compact Alstroemeria is perfect for the balcony, patio and in the garden and will give you colour all summer long.
Choose from the five varieties 'Eliane' (pink), 'Kate' (red), 'Ariane' (yellow), 'Amina' (orange), 'Louise' (purple)and 'Claire' (white).
Alstroemeria 'Amina'
You can even try overwintering these beauties by placing them in a cold but frost free location to allow them to go dormant. Then in the following Spring, simply clean off the dead foliage on the soil surface and wait for fresh growth to come out of the root system!
Alstroemeria 'Ariane'
Assorted 4" potted Osteospermum
Our selection of Osteospermum also known as Cape Daisies, are looking fantastic!

These cold hardy annuals can take the colder temperatures we have been having and are beginning to bloom in shades of white, yellow, orange, burgundy and pink.

Choose from best sellers such as 'Blue Eyed Beauty' and 'Voltage Yellow', or from the most heat tolerant Serenity 'Lavender Frost'. '4D Sunburst' boasts an improved growth habit and yellow double flowers, and the new 'Margarita Orange Flare' looks really incredible. If you are a fan of 'Blue Eyed Beauty' check out 'Blushing Beauty' this season!

This great selection can be found on Tables D11 & D12!
More Seed Potatoes

Seed Potatoes

Our shipment of Seed Potatoes from Abetkoff Farms in Grand Forks has arrived. There are 5lb bags of Yukon Gold, Warba, Norland and Pontiac as well as others available.

There is still a great selection of Gourmet Seed Potatoes, including Banana, French Fingerling, and Blue Russian, as well as Organic Seed Potatoes all in bags and boxes located up front around the corner from table A1 South.

Venus Fly Trap
Venus Fly Traps & Octopus Plants!

Our shipment of 3" Venus Fly Trapsand Octopus plants will be arriving! These unique carnivorous plants always create a great conversation.

You will find them right up front on table W2.
Fresh Moss!

Our shipment of Fresh Moss has arrived! If you can't wait to start planting your moss baskets and other exciting creations, then come on in and get some while it is nice and fresh.
Kirsten is VERY excited about our new shipment of Moss!
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