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Posted on June 11, 2016

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Store Hours for the Week of June 05 - June 11

Countdown to Summer... Feels like it already!


We hope everybody is enjoying this exceptional weather! We'd like to take this opportunity to remind everyone to also think about watering all the plants enough during this hot spell. Click here to read our Watering Instructions.

We're crossing our fingers that this weekend will be the perfect gardening weather.

Trailing & Mounding Petunias
4 Pack Petunias
Looking forward to seeing you soon!
The Greenery Family
Summer Colour

For any one still looking to add some colour to their flower beds, patio planters and outdoor living spaces, we still have a really good selection of annual flowers. In full bloom are Geraniums, Petunias, Marigolds, Alyssum, Lobelia, Begonias and Impatiens.
Assorted Geraniums
Assorted Geraniums
Basket Stuffers Still Available

Looking for some basket stuffers that are extremely heat tolerant, always place well in our summer trials, and show good signs of deer and other garden pest resistance? We have got some great choices for you!

Try out trailing Verbena (table D7-D8),Lantana (table A7 north), Scaveola (Fan Flowers, table A8 south), Gazanias (table D9), Euphorbia (table A6 north) and Bracteantha (Strawflower, table A5 south). We also have stock of Ipomea (Sweet Potato Vine) including Marguerite.

Bracteantha Dreamtime Jumbo Yellow
Bracteantha 'Dreamtime Jumbo Yellow'
Gazania Sunbathers Nahui
Gazania Sunbathers 'Nahui'
Euphorbia Glitz
Euphorbia 'Glitz'
Verbena Endurascape Hot Pink
Verbena Endurascape 'Hot Pink'
Lantana Evita Red
Lantana 'Evita Red'
Perennial Performers

We still have a good selection of some great perennials that show strong potential in being deer resistant and are also drought tolerant once established. Some staples in the perennial sun garden, these always stand out in the landscape.


These heat and drought tolerant beauties bloom from early to late summer, above aromatic foliage. Salvia are fairly easy to grow and offer a wonderful show of colour while attracting butterflies and bees and deterring deer and other garden pests.
Currently our selection on table F16 still includes:
  • Caradonna: Beautiful blue-violet florets on glowing purple stems that reach 24 to 30" in height. Long blooming, narrow flower spires are striking.
  • Blue Hill: Bright true blue flower spires on sturdy 24" stems.
  • Blue Marvel: Large, violet-blue blooms with a paler throat reaching 10-12" tall, over greyish green foliage. Outstanding, compact habit that is perfect for border or mass planting or even containers.
  • May Night: Extremely popular variety and former perennial plant of the year, this variety boasts deep blue-violet flowers (larger than many other varieties) reaching 18" in height.
  • New Dimension: Showy flower spikes reach a new dimension with richer, deeper colour. Long blooming, this series displays a uniform, compact habit that reaches 8-10" in height, and has very good garden performance. Available in both Blueand Rose.
Salvia Blue Hill
Salvia Blue Hill
Salvia Cardonna
'Salvia Cardonna'

Photos courtesy of

Shasta Daisies

No sunny perennial garden would seem complete without the cheerful flowers of the Shasta Daisy. These standout performers are excellent for cut flowers, planting in masses, or borders and also for attracting butterflies.

There are many different varieties, some compact and only reaching less than 14" in height. Different blooming types are available, including single, double, semi double, ruffled and fringed flowers, some with golden yellow button centres, and even some with fluted petals.
Our current selection on table F14 includes:
  • Becky: Large single white with yellow centre reaching 36-42" tall.
  • Real Charmer: Large double white fringed petals with gold centre reaching 21-22".
  • Real Neat: Double layer of white fluted petals with a gold centre reaching 14-16".
  • Bridal Bouquet: Lightly ruffled, double white with yellow centre reaching 8-12".
  • Sante: Double shaggy white with a white button centre reaching 23-25".
  • Snowbound: Single white with golden centre reaching 15" tall.
  • Victorian Secret: Semi double white with yellow centre reaching 14-16" tall.
  • Laspider: White double fringed petals with yellow centre reaching 12-14".
  • Lacrosse: Single white semi fringed with yellow centre reaching only 8-12" tall.
  • Snowcap: Single white with yellow centre reaching 12-14" tall.
Shasta Daisy Snowbound
Shasta Daisy 'Snowbound'
Shasta Daisy Snowbound
Shasta Daisy 'Snowbound'

Shasta Daisy Bridal Bouquet
Shasta Daisy 'Bridal Bouquet'
Shasta Daisy Victorian Secret
Shasta Daisy 'Victorian Secret'

Photos courtesy of Terra Nova Nurseries

Feather Reed Grass

These cool season, clump forming ornamental grasses bloom early in the summer and remain upright without flopping throughout the growing season. These beauties hold their colour into the milder weather and offer unique winter interest to the landscape.
We still have a selection of on table F18:
  • Karl Foerster: Green leaves, reddish inflorescence, 4-5' tall.
  • Overdam: White variegated leaves, white inflorescence 2-3' tall.
  • Avalanche: Light yellow variegated leaves, golden brown inflorescence, 2-3' tall.
  • Eldorado: Gold variegated leaves, lilac inflorescence, 3-4' tall.
  • Brachytricha: Soft green leaves, silvery pink fading to creamy white inflorescence, 3-4' tall.
Feather Reed Grass
Feather Reed Grass
Veggies Ready for Planting

And don't forget to get those vegetable gardens planted! It is so rewarding to go outside and pick fresh vegetables that you have grown right from a small plant.

Don't have a vegetable garden? Plant a few tomatoes in a container on the patio, or add a few into an existing flower bed and eat the rewards later.

Click here to watch the video:
Early Summer Vegetable Harvest
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Garden Glove Giveaway Winners
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