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Glorious Geraniums for Your Garden

Posted on April 16, 2015

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Geraniums Galore!

Hi there,

Our full set up of geraniums in selling section B is complete. Over the last five years or so, CalliopeDark Red has become our best selling geranium basket. Again for this season we have the new colours available including Scarlet Fire, Burgundy, Hot Pink and Lavender Rose--and also the first bi-colour in the Calliope series--'Crimson Flame'.

Geranium Calliope Crimson Flame
Geranium Calliope 'Crimson Flame'
Read on to see our selection of other Geraniums...

Looking forward to seeing you soon!
The Greenery Family
Geranium Sarita Neon Sizzle
Geranium Sarita 'Neon Sizzle'
Ivy Geraniums &
Interspecific Geraniums

Ivy Geranium 'Focus Red Ice' was a smash hit last year and is back in spades! It offers very consistent variegation in the flower, nice zoning on the leaf and has a vigorous growth habit in comparison to the other bicolour varieties.

The Sarita series is looking great for this year as well, with colours like:
  • 'Wild Salmon'
  • 'Soft Pink'
  • 'Punch'
  • 'Pink'
  • 'Neon Sizzle'
  • 'Lilac Splash'
  • 'Fire'
  • 'Red'
Geranium Sarita Sunstar Red
Geranium Sarita 'Sunstar Red'
Zonal Geraniums

In Zonal Geraniums, Fantasia Cranberry Sizzle returns along with the rest of the Sizzle series including Strawberry and Purple. Dynamo Dark Red and Hot Pink are back with new colours: Dynamo Light Pink, Purple, Raspberry Sizzle, Red, Salmon and Violet.
Geranium Dynamo 'Raspberry Sizzle'
Geranium Dynamo Raspberry Sizzle
The full Geranium set up includes:
Martha Washington Bermuda Cherry
Martha Washington 'Bermuda Cherry'
Martha Washington Aristo Black
Martha Washington 'Aristo Black'
Scented Geranium 'Pink Capitatum'
Scented Geranium 'Pink Capitatum'
Martha Washington Elegance Imperial
Martha Washington 'Elegance Imperial'
Martha Washington Aristo Black Beauty
Martha Washington
'Aristo Black Beauty'
Scented Geranium Quersifolia (Wasp Shocker)
Scented Geranium 'Quercifolia'
(Wasp Shocker)
New Guinea Impatiens

This week we have filled the New Guinea Impatienstables, to the north of the cashier area on tables N1 to N7, including the Sun Patiens and Sun Harmonies which are becoming more popular as gardeners begin to see their potential. These type of Impatiens are able to tolerate a lot more direct sun than the regular New Guineas, in fact in our summer trials, we placed some in a west facing flowerbed and they performed quite well.
New Guinea impatiens Magnum Salmon and Magnum White Blush
New Guinea Impatiens 'Magnum Salmon' & 'Magnum White Blush'
Bloomin' Beautiful Begonias

The Begonia tables, to the south of the cashier area (table S2 to S7), are also full with the Non Stop, Illumination and the Breezy Tuberous Begonias--the last two being trailing types.

The nice darker leaved Tuberous Begonias, the Non Stop Mocca series are really quite stunning with contrasting bright flowers. New this season is the Non Stop Mocca 'Cherry'.

Begonia Illumination Golden Picotee
Begonia Illumination 'Golden Picotee'
Begonia Mocca Deep Orange
Begonia Mocca 'Deep Orange'

We also have a good selection of yellow, light peach, red, orange and bi-colour shades of Reiger Begonias available on table A2 south.
Assorted Reiger Begonias
Assorted Reiger Begonias
Gerberas: Sunny Colour for your Patio

The bright and beautiful Patio Gerberas look sensational in containers on patios, porches and balconies. The large and successive flowers can be enjoyed outdoors throughout the spring and summer months or can be cut and placed in a vase to brighten an indoor space.
Patio Gerbera
Patio Gerbera

We have a good selection this season ranging in colour from soft pink, bright fuchsia, orange, red, yellow and purple, all these can be found along the north wall on table N9.

Patio Gerbera Hot Springs
Patio Gerbera 'Hot Springs'
Patio Gerbera Serengeti
Patio Gerbera 'Serengeti'

Patio Gerbera Smoky Mountain
Patio Gerbera 'Smoky Mountain'
Patio Gerbera Olympic
Patio Gerbera 'Olympic'
Fuchsia Marinka
Fuchsia 'Marinka'
Good Ol' Fuchsias

The old traditional fuchsia is a crop that is still full of steady and showy performers well worth considering adding to your shade basket or shade planter. There are some beautiful colours available in both upright and trailing varieties on table B3 and B4.

Single flowering Marinka produces loads of blossoms over a perfectly uniform plant and is a favourite of ours, and is also one of the only true red fuchsias. Varieties that are up and coming are New Millennium, Blacky, Voodoo and Dancing Flame, to add to the traditional popular varieties such as Lena, Dark Eyes and Swingtime.
Fuchsia Black
Fuchsia 'Blacky'

Fuchsia Dancing Flame
Fuchsia 'Dancing Flame'
Fuchsia Voodoo
Fuchsia 'Voodoo'
Congratulations to our Weekly Winner!
Kathy Kennedy, enjoy your Garden Essentials Gift Basket!

(Please come in and pick it up at The Greenery anytime we're open.)

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