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Happy Easter! Grab These Goodies for the Long Weekend

Posted on April 18, 2019

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Happy Easter!


This Easter, why not beautify your home with some colourful flowers from The Greenery? We have a wide selection of mixed tropical plantersand colourful, hardy planted containers in all shapes and sizes, as well as blooming Pansies, Pot Carnations, Gerberas, Garden Mums, Martha Washingtons and Kalanchoes.

Easter Basket Planter
Easter Basket Planter
Easter Planters and Decor
Easter Planters and Decor

We are open all of Easter Long Weekend so come on by!

Looking forward to seeing you soon!
The Greenery Family
Juliet Tomatoes
'Juliet' Collector Tomatoes
Gotta' Collect 'Em All!
Even though the overnight temperatures could still dip down into the frost zone, we are still bringing the first planting of our collector tomatoes into location on Friday afternoon. There will be over 100 varieties to choose from!

Again this year we have divided the collection into three categories due to the ever increasing numbers of new varieties. Besides our general selection on A17 north, we will have an Heirloom section, as well as a section of hanging tomato basket varieties, available in 2.5" pots for easy planting. Both of these types are located on the east side of aisle A17 north.

We still find Tumbler our most productive hanging basket variety, but feel free to try some of the others like the wild growing Fantastico.

Some interesting varieties for all of you experimenters:
  • Bush Steak -A beefsteak tomato for containers and small gardens.
  • Buffalosteak - A large and meaty beefsteak with few seeds.
  • Candyland - A new, more compact currant tomato.
  • Chocolate Sprinkles - Can't decide between black or red? Try this larger fruited cherry tomato.
  • Kitchen Mini Siam- A compact variety ideal for containers with a surprising production of cherry tomatoes.
  • Little Napoli- One of the only patio Roma types with better disease resistance.
  • Sweet Zen - A new grape bush tomato with high brix (sugar content measurement).
And for all of you who suffered late blight in your tomatoes last Fall, we have two varieties resistant to late blight. These are: the old standby Mountain Merit and a new slicer, Stellar, with intermediate resistance to early blight and high resistance to late blight.
'Tumbler' Tomato Hanging Basket
Click here to watch the video series:
Every Aisle Open

This week we opened all the remaining aisles and now have almost everything available. Our full Geranium set up in section B is complete, our first planting of the more cold sensitive vegetables including peppers, cucumbers and eggplant are in place in selling section A.

Some more specialty items that have been asked for recently are also available:
Mandevilla Red Fury
Mandevilla 'Red Fury'
Purple Trailing Bougainvillea
Purple Trailing Bougainvillea

The full Geranium set up includes:
Stunning Alstroemeria!
Come in and check out our selection of Alstroemeria(Princess Lilies) which you will find on table A1 north for. This stunning, fairly compact Alstroemeria is perfect for the balcony, patio and in the garden and will give you colour all summer long.
Choose from the six varieties 'Eliane' (pink), 'Kate' (red), 'Ariane' (yellow), 'Amina' (orange), 'Louise' (purple) and 'Claire' (white).
Alstroemeria 'Amina'
You can even try overwintering these beauties by placing them in a cold but frost free location to allow them to go dormant. Then in the following Spring, simply clean off the dead foliage on the soil surface and wait for fresh growth to come out of the root system!
Alstroemeria 'Ariane'
Hardy Cactus & Hardy Mixed Succulent Bowls

Cactus lovers are buzzing about these hardy Cactus that arrived this week! Give your garden that tough Arizona desert look with one of these gorgeous Prickly Pear or Paddle Cactus. Find these in the succulent house.

Our beautiful 16" Hardy Succulent Bowls were stuffed full of Sedum, Sempervivum and Ice Plant when we planted them last June and now they are just teeming with new growth and buds! These will make a great addition to any deck or patio, to spruce up that dull area in the rock garden or even to place on that old stump. A selection of these are along the far north wall in selling section F.

Hardy Cactus
Hardy Cactus
Hardy Succulent Bowls
Hardy Succulent Bowls
Collector Ferns!

A selection of 'Funky', 'Fluffy' and 'Frilly' perennial Ferns has been set up on the north end of table W2. These little beauties are truly unique and can add some zest to your foliage planter or small shade garden, or can even be added to your tropical indoor collection.

Collector Ferns
Collector Ferns
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