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Happy Easter

Posted on March 30, 2018

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Happy Easter!


This Easter, why not beautify your home with some colourful flowers from The Greenery? We have a wide selection of mixed tropical planters, Easter baskets and colourful, hardy planted containers in all shapes and sizes, as well as blooming Pansies, Carnations, Kalanchoes,Solenia and Reiger Begonias.

Assorted Easter Basket Planters
Solenia & Reiger Begonias

Looking forward to seeing you soon!
The Greenery Family
Petunias & Seed Geraniums
Assorted Wave Petunia
As temperatures seem to be slowly increasing and the weather is becoming more agreeable, we continue right on schedule with our set up. A full selection of early Seed Geraniumscan be found on table C6 temporarily for now.

The first planting of Wave Petunias in 2.5" is available on table C7. While the 4 pack Petunias are completely set up and in location on tables C16 through to C20.

Maverick Violet Picotee Seed Geranium
Assorted Strawberry Plants
Strawberry Plants

Our Jumbo 6 packs of Strawberry plants are now ready and can be found on table D16.

Choose from June-Bearing varieties such as

  • All Star
  • Cavendish
  • Honeoye
  • Kent and Totem

As well as Ever-Bearing day neutral varieties such as

  • Eversweet
  • Tri-Star
  • Seascape
  • Albion
  • and new this season- Sweetkiss which produces super sweet, extra juicy fruits. This variety is available in 2.5" pots.
Bushel & Berry Selection

Bushel & Berry bushes (previously calledBrazelBerries) are a collection of berry varieties that offer ornamental qualities as well as amazing edible fruits on small stature bushes. The idea is that you can plant these plants in containers on your patio, balcony or anywhere in your landscape, requiring minimal care and allowing for a rewarding and easy harvest.

Bushel & Berry
'Raspberry Shortcake'
Bushel & Berry
'Jelly Bean'

Try out Bushel & Berry 'Raspberry Shortcake'--a true dwarf, thornless raspberry plant that produces sweet fruits. Or try 'Blueberry Glaze', 'Peach Sorbet', 'Pink Icing' or 'Jelly Bean'--four super compact blueberry plants that have incredible ornamental qualities while producing beautiful plump berries. 'Blueberry Perpetua' offers TWO crops of delicious berries, the first in mid-summer and the second in the fall, while also offering beautiful foliage that turns deep reds and greens in the winter.

'Blackberry Baby Cakes', is a dwarf thornless bush reaching only 3' to 4' in height and width that produces large, sweet, juicy berries.

Bushel & Berry 'Peach Sorbet'

Hardy Figs are now available! Choose from 'Chicago Hardy', 'Desert King' or 'Olympian'. Even though these three cool season varieties are hardy to zone 5 or 6 we find they are best grown in containers in order to extend their growing season and allow their fruits to fully mature. They will bear medium to extra large fruit on eventual 8' to 10' trees.
Early Shrubs

There will be a selection of shrubs available this weekend as well. Choose from Rhododendron Azalea 'Rosy Lights', 'Mandarin Lights', 'Lemon Lights', Rhododendron Marjatta 'Haaga' and 'Hellikki' or Rhododendron 'Nova Zembla'. A selection of French Lilacs are also available, including 'Charles Joy', 'Ludwig Spaethe' and 'Sensation' as well as a hardier, earlier blooming Canadian introduction Syringa (Lilac) hyacinthaflora 'Pocahontas'.

Rhododendron Azalea 'Rosy Lights'
French Lilac 'Sensation'
Hardy Vegetables Restocked

Also tables D17 to D20 are all restocked with Hardy Vegetable Plants that are ready to be planted out into the garden for nice early, bug free crops!

2 Square Foot Lettuce Garden

But what if I...

...Don't have the garden bed ready?


...Don't have the space for an edible garden bed?

Try our 2 square foot gardens!

These containers have an assortment of 8 lettuces that are almost ready for harvest.

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