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Happy Mother's Day!

Posted on May 09, 2014

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Happy Mother's Day

Store Hours for the Week of May 4 - May 10

Mother's Day Colour

Hi there,

Treat Mom to a beautiful Premium mixed 14" hanging basket for a sunny or shady location! Available Saturday and Sunday morning at 10AM on Table A1 North. Or you can choose from 1000's of other hanging baskets and wallbags to suit any location, containing New Guinea Impatiens, Ivy Geraniums, Supertrailing Petunias - in single varieties and mixes, Fuchsias, Begonias or Calibrachoas- which the Hummingbirds love, all are looking really full and colourful!

There is also a limited supply of 14" Bougainvillea and Mandeville hanging baskets available for that nice warm corner on the patio. These can be found on Table W2.
Assorted Fibre Pot Plants
Assorted Fibre Pot Plants
Or perhaps choose a planter for the deck, entryway or a surprise present? We will be continually bringing out a selection of planters in different sizes and combinations throughout the weekend, ranging in price from $29.99 to $135.00, and a limited amount priced at $11.99 to $16.99. They are perfect for immediate colour to mark this special day for all Mom's!

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

The Greenery Family
Calliope Mix Interspecific Geranium Baskets
10" Calliope Mix Interspecific Geranium Hanging Baskets
Premium 19
Premium 22" Planter for Sun
10" New Guinea Impatiens Hanging Baskets
Premium Mixed 14
Premium Mixed 14" Hanging Baskets
Parking Troubles!
The Greenery's Side Gate for Parking
Reminder! You can park diagonally alongside our side gate, just around the corner of our main entrance, and walk through our regular parking lot.

Unfortunately some of our customers have been parking along the road and infringing on the bike lane. We have had the city of Kelowna bylaw officers come by to remind everyone that it is illegal to obstruct the bike lane, and you can be ticketed.

The busy rush caused by 'Gardening Fever' only happens for a short time each year, so please be patient trying to park and remember to stay off the bike lane!

Remember we are open Thursday and Friday until 7pm- during those later hours, parking is very reasonable and you have the greenhouse almost to yourself.

Garden Full O' Veggies

Red Robin Tomato Hanging Basket
Red Robin Tomato Hanging Basket
Don't forget, despite this mixed weather, to think about tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers (but remember to harden plants - mainly for wind and sun). We still have an excellentselection, not only of our regular varieties, but also of our collector, Heirloom and hanging basket tomatoes, as well as our "Beat Your Neighbour" 2 gallon pots.

As for the Mighty Matos, the grafted super performing series, there is still a small selection available.

Our 2nd planting of tomatoes in hanging baskets is also underway!
Watch Our Vegetable Video Series:
Vegetable Series: Tomato Plant Pruning
Tomato Plant Pruning
Vegetable Series: Early Summer Vegetable Harvest
Early Summer Vegetable Harvest
Vegetable Series: Tomato Hanging Baskets and Trailing Tomato Arrangements
Tomato Hanging Baskets and Trailing Tomato Arrangements
Calla Lily Red Alert
Calla Lily 'Red Alert'
Calla Lilies

We now have our selection of Dutch Calla Lilies available. With vibrant colours, larger flowers, and stronger stems, they will be a great addition to your patio containers or flower beds.

Choose from 12 varieties with colours of bright golden yellow, reds, orange, pink, midnight purple, and even black!
Tabletop Colour

Other plants still in good supply for 'indoor to outdoor' use are Miniature Roses, Gerberas, Garden Mums, Hibiscus, and even Geraniums and Osteospermums. Have some nice fresh colour on your dinner table and then out in your planters or garden.

"Raspberry Punch" Miniature Rose
Osteospermum Sunscape Daisy Fireburst
Osteospermum 'Dalina Reubina'
Common Plant Locations

We have set up a guide of the common locations for our most popular plants to help you quickly locate them at our expansive retail shop!

Click here to view or print out the guides.
Congratulations to our Weekly Winner!
Michele Silk., enjoy your Garden Essentials Gift Basket!

(Please come in and pick it up at The Greenery anytime we're open.)

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