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Happy Mother's Day!

Posted on May 11, 2018

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Happy Mother's Day

Store Hours for the Week of May 06 - May 12

Various Hanging Baskets

Colourful Bundles of Joy for Mom


Treat Mom to a beautiful planter, hanging basket, her favourite perennial or herb, or even a gift card for her to do her own choosing!

There are still 1000s of hanging baskets and wallbags to suit any location, including New Guinea Impatiens, Ivy & Interspecific Geraniums, Supertrailing Petunias (in single varieties and mixes), Fuchsias,Calibrachoas, and Begonias.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!
The Greenery Family

Assortment of Petunia Wallbags
Gift Certificates

Looking for a last minute gift idea
for Mother's Day?

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Dahlias to Delight the Garden

There is a complete set up of pot Dahlias on the tables lining the south wall of selling section A (tables S8 & S9). Choose from over 60 varieties including the Dahlietta and Dalinova series. All are available in 4" pots for $2.29 and are just budding now, getting ready to explode with colour!
Assorted 4" Dahlias
The 5" pots have more vigorous varieties that are stunning as well. The dark leaf Mystic series and the incredible blooming power of the Hypnoticas will not disappoint in the garden or the container.
Dahlinova 'California'
'Julia Yellow'
'Carolina Orange'
Dahlinova 'Lisa Dark Pink'
Dahlietta 'Lily'
'Starsister Red Stripes'
Dahlinova 'Alabama'
Dahlietta 'Leanne'
Feeling Sheepish?

Feel like trying out a new eco-friendly, low grade fertilizer and water retention additive in your soil this season? Wild Valley Farms has created their Wool Pellets straight from sheering their sheep. This additive is 100% natural wool, which happens to be high in nitrogen and is also great at retaining moisture. Try it out in some of your containers this season and let us know what you think later on by emailing

Wild Valley Farms Wool Pellets
Wool Pellet Fertilizer and Moisture Soil Additive

Sheep Wool is naturally high in nitrogen. Happy Mother's Day!
Hardy Perennial Hibiscus

Perennial lovers rejoice! HardyHibiscus are now available in 2 gallon pots and can be found on table E20 and F20. Fairly easy to grow and deer resistant they are a wonderful addition to any sunny perennial garden with a great display of extra large, satiny blooms throughout the late Summer.
Mars Madness offers large 6-8" blooms in a magenta-red colour. Dark olive green leaves with copper highlights form a full habit and for a stunning backdrop.
Starry Starry Night offers platter sized 8" wide flowers in pale pink with dark pink veining. The foliage is extremely dark, nearly black creating a beautiful contrast.
Summer in Paradise offers deep red buds which open to 7-8" hot cerise red flowers. The foliage is a medium green with olive green edging.
Tie Dye offers 8-10" ruffled blooms that are bright pink and white bicolour with a cherry red eye. Lobed green foliage forms a 4 to 6 feet tall mound.
Hibiscus 'Mars Madness'
Hibiscus 'Summer in Paradise'
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