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Incoming Wave of Colours (and Berries)

Posted on March 26, 2015

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Store Hours for the Week of March 22 - March 28

First Month Success and Still Going Strong

Hi there,

You'll notice our parking lot plants are set out now and showing some colour, giving your visit a pleasant feeling that spring has arrived. The traffic through the store has been nice and steady.

We are nearly sold out of Primulas, so if you still need some, perhaps stop by this week.

Assorted Primulas
Assorted Primulas
Cool Wave & Other Trailing Pansies

Be sure to check out the selection of Trailing Pansies, including the Cool Wave Series, the most vigorous and prostrate of any spreading pansy. They make unique baskets, premium mixed combos, and great groundcovers. Cool Wave Pansies are the earliest to bloom in the Spring, and the blooms hold up well in rain and weather better than the large flowered types.

We have two new varieties of Cool Wave Pansy this season, "Blueberry Swirl"--shades of primrose yellow, with whiskers and varying shades of blue and purple edges. There's also "Sunshine & Wine" which boasts a bright yellow with a deep burgundy red wing.

Pansy Cool Wave Blueberry Swirl
Pansy Cool Wave 'Blueberry Swirl'
Pansy Cool Wave Sunshine and Wine
Pansy Cool Wave 'Sunshine & Wine'

In a different series we have "Frost"--white flowers which develop light blue "frost" from the edge as they mature, "Violet Wing", "Yellow", "Purple", "Gold", and "White"--which can show a little blush colouring. Last, we have "Marina"--a light blue with a face, "Purple & White", and "Lemon Purple Wing". They are available individually in 4" pots and in 2 different styles of hanging baskets on tables D10, D11 and D12.

All regular pansies are really showing their huge flowers in many unusual colours that you will see in 2.5" pots on tables E2 to E9 and in 4" pots on tables D6 to D9.
Pansy Freefall Marina
Pansy 'Freefall Marina'
Seed Geraniums & Wave Petunias

A full selection of early seed geraniums is now available, as well as the first planting of Wave Petunias for those people who need to get an early start on their wire frame baskets, or other containers.

These can be found on table B10. We also have a small selection of 4 pack Lobelia on table C1. These plants are hardy enough to take a light frost, making them a great filler in mixed spring planters.

Seed Geranium
Seed Geranium 'Maverick Star'
Assorted Wave Petunia
Assorted Wave Petunias
Grow Some Berry Goodness

A full selection of berries will be arriving Friday for availability on Saturday, including Haskap (Honeyberries), Blueberries, Raspberries, Grapes, Goji Berries, Black Currants, and the new BrazelBerries!
BrazelBerry Peach Sorbet
BrazelBerry 'Peach Sorbet'
BrazelBerries are a recently introduced collection of berry varieties that offer ornamental qualities as well as amazing edible fruits on small stature bushes. The idea is that you can plant these plants in containers on your patio, balcony or anywhere in your landscape, requiring minimal care and allowing for a rewarding and easy harvest.

BrazelBerry Raspberry Shortcake
BrazelBerry 'Raspberry Shortcake'
BrazelBerry Jelly Bean
Brazelberry 'Jelly Bean'

Try out BrazelBerry 'Raspberry Shortcake'--a true dwarf, thornless raspberry plant that produces sweet fruits. Or try 'Blueberry Glaze', 'Peach Sorbet', 'Pink Icing' or 'Jelly Bean'--three super compact blueberry plants that have incredible ornamental qualities while producing beautiful plump berries.

Goji Berry
Hardy Fig
Hardy Fig
Goji Berry is a juicy and somewhat sweet "superfruit" that can be eaten fresh, dried or frozen. Bright orange-red berries mature in the late summer. These plants are self pollinating and begin flowering in the second year, with maximum fruit production in the fourth or fifth year. The variety "Firecracker" grows tall and wide, with a mounding habit. It is earlier to fruit and produces a heavy crop, while "Dynamite" grows upright, with an arching habit and it may take an additional year for full fruit production.

Hardy Figs
Or try growing some Hardy Figs this season! Rated for zone 5! Fresh or dried, enjoy flavourful, small to medium sized fruits of brown to violet skin and strawberry pink pulp. The plants die back to the ground during the cold winter months, and grow again each Spring.

P.S. Want to Show Off Your Garden?

A last minute opportunity to have your place on the Kelowna Garden Tour has come up. The tour takes place June 2015. If you are interested, please contact Debbie MacMillan at

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