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More Hanging Baskets & GIANT Tomatoes!

Posted on May 15, 2014

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Store Hours for the Week of May 11 - May 17

More Hanging Baskets!

Hi there,

The late planting of our 12" mixed sun and shade hanging baskets will be coming out on Friday morning, perhaps not as big but with the same 25 plants as our earlier plantings.

We have a really nice selection of 10" Calibrachoas, New Guinea Impatiens, and Interspecific Geraniums that can all be found on tables A-1 North, A-1 South and A-4 North.

Read on to see what else we have in store!

Assorted Calibrachoa 10in Hanging Baskets
Assorted Calibrachoa 10"
Hanging Baskets
Assorted Mixed Calibrachoa 10in Hanging Baskets
Assorted Mixed Calibrachoa 10"
Hanging Baskets

Have a fun and safe long weekend!

The Greenery Family
Mixed Moss Hanging Baskets

We have started to bring out our Mixed Moss hanging baskets. They are 16" wire frame baskets, lined with natural moss and planted with over 50 plants. You can choose from either sun or shade baskets.

Mixed Shade Moss Basket
Mixed Shade Moss Basket
Mixed Sun Moss Basket
Mixed Sun Moss Basket
Pick Up Something Special

Speciality Begonia baskets are all available now. Bonfire, Dragon Wing, Encanto and Million Kiss series hanging baskets are all a great choice for the Begonia lovers out there! These varieties can all take more sun than the regular Begonias, and offer some great colour.

If you love the traditional trailing Begonias for a shady area, we have a good selection of 12" Illumination Begonia hanging baskets.

Assorted Specialty Begonia 12in Hanging Baskets
Assorted Specialty Begonia 12" Hanging Baskets
Encanto Orange Specialty Begonia 12in Hanging Baskets
Encanto Orange Specialty Begonia 12" Hanging Baskets
Trailing Begonias - New Vegetative Varieties
Click here to watch the video:
Potunia Plus Papaya Wallbag
Potunia Plus Papaya Wallbag
Potunia Wallbags

There is still an excellent assortment of Potunia wallbags to brighten up sunny locations on a patio or entry wall space.

Potunias are a unique breed of Petunias with a mounding, round growth habit. They hold a canopy of flowers all season long, and are available in the full spectrum of Petunia colours.
Cacti, Aloe, & Venus Fly Traps

Assorted Cacti
Assorted Cacti
Another shipment of assorted 5" Cacti will be arriving from Delta for the weekend. As well as some 3.5" Aloe Vera plants and some Venus Fly Traps.

There will also be a fresh stock fill up of our water plant tables at B-20. Choose from Hardy Water Lilies, Variegated Cattail, Horsetail, Blue Water Iris and Skunk Cabbage, as well as Water Lettuce and Water Hyacinth.
Burpee Steakhouse Hybrid Tomato
Burpee Steakhouse Hybrid Tomato
Watch Out For This Big Boy...

For something BIG and new from Burpee this season, why not try growing the world's "largest beefsteak" tomato! It produces huge, broad shouldered fruits weighing up to 3 lbs - that are both flavourful and wonderfully fragrant. Try growing one and let us know what your crop weighs in at!
These are located on Table N10.

It might also be the time to consider acclimatizing cucumber plants for an eventual garden planting. We are currently fully stocked on table A-16 North, with more plants ready to come out.
Last year we did a round up of our tomatoes and judged them by yield, form, texture, and taste.

Take a look at our favourites:
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