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More Hanging Baskets Available

Posted on June 08, 2018

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Store Hours for the Week of June 03 - June 09

10" Mixed Hanging Baskets!


The planting of 10" mixed sun hanging baskets will be available on Friday morning at 10am! These little beauties have 15 different plants in them and are starting to show some nice colour. You will find them on table A1 north.

These are the traditional late planting of hanging baskets that we plant and hang once we have the space in the back.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!
The Greenery Family

2 Rows of 10" Mixed for Sun
Hanging Baskets
10" Mixed for Sun Hanging Basket
Coleus Stock Pots

On Friday morning the Coleus stock pots will be available on table A1 south. Beautiful one year old plants in 10" pots for only $19.99. The Coleus will look great as a specimen plant in a container on their own, in a shady foliage combination, or even in the vacant spot in a flower bed.
10" Coleus Stock Pot
10" Coleus Stock Pot
10" Coleus Stock Pot
Bring Home a 2 gallon Tomato Today

Get ready for summer salads and backyard Barbeques! We have lots of 2 Gallon tomatoes ready to go into your garden or onto your patio, with many having a set of tomatoes already started for$9.99.Choose from some of our favourite beefsteak varieties such as Whopper, Big Beef, and Big Boy. For those who prefer medium sized slicing tomatoes Early Girl and Fourth of July have fruit that is almost fully sized and beginning to ripen. Don't forget the sweet cherry types such as Sungold, and Sweet Orange (the greenery family favourite). For those canners and salsa makers there are lots of the heirloom roma type like San Marzano, Monticello, and 'Roma' itself. They are also starting to set fruit as well. Lastly, for the smaller garden or patio garden, we have the compact growers Red Robin, Tidy Treats and Heart Breaker Dora in 6" Terra cotta pots for$4.99.

Assorted 2 gallon Tomatoes
2 gallon Tomatoes with fruit already set!
Garden Ideas...
Have you seen our display garden this season? The early season blooming perennials looked incredible and now the the next flush of colour is really starting to amaze! Come by and stroll through to get some inspiring ideas or to get excited about the upcoming Kelowna Garden Tour!

Perennial Display Garden

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