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More in Store: Rex Begonias, Garden Decor, & Geraniums

Posted on March 12, 2015

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Great Start to the Season

Hi there,

What a remarkable first week it was! So great to see a lot of familiar faces stop by for a look around and try to soothe some of that gardening itch that set in over the winter. The weather has been exceptionally warm. Let's hope it continues so we can keep this Spring excitement going!
Early Hardy Vegetable Packs
Early Hardy Vegetable Packs
And of course we have a good selection of hardy vegetable transplants that should be planted now.

Happy gardening!
The Greenery Family
Dahlia & Gladiola Bulbs

Yes! They are available again with over 45 varieties of Dinnerplate, Decorative, Cactus flowering, and Fringed Dahlia bulbs. It is impossible to not have one of these beauties catch your eye!

Check out the Fringed bicolour variety Vulcan Striped or one of new Dinnerplate and Decorative varieties, Labyrinth, Sir Alf Ramsey, Rebecca's World, Ferncliff Illusion, Cafe au Lait, or Wind Eyed Jill.

In the way of Gladiolus, we have some very unique new varieties like Laguna, Clemence, and Belinda.
Dahlia and Gladiola Flowering Bulbs
Dahlia and Gladiola Flowering Bulbs
Zonal Geranium Stock Pots
Zonal Geranium Stock Pots
Stock Up on Geranium Stock Pots

Back again are the beautiful 14" Zonal, Martha Washington,and scented Geranium stock pots.

These have been flying out the door already so if you have the ability to look after one of these during the early season, don't miss out on over 80 different varieties.

They are not all located on the retail floor so please ask--many of them are placed just through the centre curtain along the main walkway.
Rex Begonias

If you love foliage plants then don't miss out on another really great crop of Rex Begonias. Beautiful 5" potted specimens sell for only $3.29. These are the easiest house plants to look after, needing very little natural light to thrive and quite enjoy becoming root bound.

They also make great contrasting foliage plants in mixed shade planters later on in the season when all chances of frost are gone.

Assorted Rex Begonias
Assorted Rex Begonias
Assorted Rex Begonias
Start Up Your Succulent Collection!

If you haven't made it in to browse through the unreal succulent collection, don't miss out! Some varieties are not easily propagated, so numbers are limited.

We also still have a great selection of mixed succulent bowls, for only $24.99 each.

Echeveria 'Electric Glow'
Echeveria 'Electric Glow'
12in Mixed Succulent Bowls
12" Mixed Succulent Bowls

Kalanchoe uniflora 'Winter Bells'

Be sure to have a look at Kalanchoe uniflora Winterbells blooming beautifully right now! (See picture above)
Garden Decor
Garden Decor
Garden Art

We have a beautiful selection on colourful metal art that will truly colour up your garden, deck or patio.

Choose from roosters, goats, dogs, birds, frogs, insects, flowers, and more.

Garden Decor Animals
Garden Decor Animals
Garden Decor Animals
Garden Decor Animals

We also have a small collection of locally made decorative birdhouses! Each unique house is completely created from 100% reclaimed wood and treasures.

For a look at the locally made creations go to:
Kwasy Creations Treehouses
Kwasy Creations Treehouses
Congratulations to our Weekly Winner!
Susan McLaughlin, enjoy your Garden Essentials Gift Basket!

(Please come in and pick it up at The Greenery anytime we're open.)

About the Contest

Each week we have a draw in our garden centre for everyone that filled out a ballot during that week. Ballots are available in-store only, although you may want to check our Facebook page in the near future for special goodies for our Facebook friends!

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