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The Greenery Grows Locally for the Okanagan Climate

Posted on May 05, 2011

May 5, 2011, Kelowna, BC

Kelowna flowers are now blooming! Kelowna plants are waking up! Water parks, natural parks, mountain bike parks, dog parks, community parks, provincial parks, regional parks... There is no denying the fact that the Okanagan Valley is an outdoor-lovers paradise, and the Kelowna plant scene is coming to life, after a long and cold winter.

More than 30 years ago, Tell and Karin Segler began an adventure to help Kelownas sun-loving residents create their own little piece of heaven in yards, gardens, and patio boxes. It is called The Greenery Garden Centre. Today, their son Kirsten and daughter Bianca, along with their families, help Tell and Karin run The Greenery with the goal of beautifying Kelownas gardens with the very best Kelowna flowers and plants.

Many thanks to CHBC Global News for visiting us at The Greenery. We hope you enjoy watching the news clip!

Each year, the opening of The Greenery Garden Centre is anticipated by green-thumbers across the Okanagan. They wait, with garden gloves in hand, for the great day in March when The Greenery begins its selling season and they can get their hands on the very best Kelowna flowers and Okanagan hardy plants.

Even though they are only open to the public for the spring months, March through June, The Greenery staff are hard at work year-round. The Greenery places great importance on being able to offer their customers products that they themselves have seeded and grown here in Kelowna. By not wholesaling their products, The Greenery not only keeps costs down, (something everyone benefits from), they are able to improve the quality of Kelowna plants they provide.

Is plant quality a concern these days? You bet! Especially when it comes to growing your own vegetables.

In increasing numbers, people are making the choice to grow their own vegetables. Kelowna gardeners appreciate knowing that their plants have come from a Kelowna garden centre and feel healthier about feeding home-grown vegetables to their families.

Greenery customer Bobbi Menard not only pretties up her yard with their Kelowna flowers, she grows veggies in her backyard for her family of 5 children. She said, Walking through the rows of plants in the greenhouse is one of my rites of spring, something I look forward to every May. Our family grows several varieties of tomatoes, lettuces and peppers that we get at The Greenery. Their heirloom varieties are the best, so delicious. Plus the plants are strong and reliable, we eat summer salads for months with the seedlings we buy from The Greenery.

The Greenery Garden Centre cares about their customers, and they enjoy interacting with them daily - not just in-store, but also online. They know that when you get home, you might have questions about planting, watering, or fertilizing. Their website is continually updated with information to help customers keep their gardens healthy and gorgeous. Twitter followers, newsletter subscribers and Facebook fans join in fun contests and stay on top of the latest garden news.

Gardening is not just business - it is their passion. The Greenery staff knows that whether a customer is venturing into the dirt for the first time or his/her gardening experience has deep roots, they have big expectations when visiting a Kelowna Garden Centre. All gardeners dream of a huge selection of Kelowna plants and flowers at local grower prices... and thats just what the The Greenery aims to deliver.