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June 2011 - Week 2

Posted on June 09, 2011

Tomato tips, pretty corn, and sun loving lookers!
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Late Planting of Hanging Baskets Ready Saturday


On Saturday morning, we will be bringing out a very late planting of about fifty premium 10" mixed sun, as well as a limited number of Petunia and Trailing Begonia hanging baskets. We'll also be offering some large 14" sidehole hanging baskets with Ivy Geraniums that are just starting to show some colour. These baskets have over 35 plants in them and are only $49.99 each.
Premium 10in Mixed Sun Basket
Premium 10" Mixed Sun Basket
Iresine (Bloodleaf)
Iresine (Bloodleaf)

Established Stock Pots $9.99!


Some beautiful, large stock pots will be available so you can instantly fill that space in the garden that needs a little something special!

Choose from basket stuffers such as: Iresine (Bloodleaf), Trailing Mimulus (Trailing Monkey Flower)Ageratum (Floss Flower)Plectranthus (Swedish Ivy)Brachycome (Swan River Daisy)Many varieties of Coleus.
These well established, nearly one year old stock pots are in 10" and 12" pots for only $9.99!
Calling All Perennial Lovers!

We still have a great selection of perennials, including some great performing, sun loving varieties: Rudbeckia Goldsturm and Sedum Autumn Joy are both excellent choices for upright, late blooming colour, while Veronica Royal Candles, Salvia Sensation Deep Blue, and Gallardia Grenada are all excellent choices for nice compact, sturdy, long season bloomers.

Salvia Sensation Deep Blue
Salvia Sensation Deep Blue
Gallardia Granada
Gallardia Granada
Rudbeckia Goldsturm
Rudbeckia Goldsturm
Sedum - Autumn Joy
Sedum - Autumn Joy

Ornamental Corn - Grow Your Own 'Field of Dreams'

Ornamental Corn (Field of Dreams)
Ornamental Corn (Field of Dreams)


Looking for something new and a little different? Try out Ornamental Corn 'Field of Dreams'- a highly variegated green and white with touches of rose.

This variety can reach 4 to 5 feet tall and produces ears that are attractive after the season.

These plants will add colour and structure to large combination pots and accents in the landscape.

Tomato Tip: Build a Moat!

Tomato Moat
Tomato Moat

Many people came in this year with complaints regarding blossom end rot (black blotches at the bottom of tomatoes) on last year's crop.


In most cases, this is caused by a lack of water rather than a calcium deficiency, since most soils and potting mixes have an adequate calcium content.


Watering should be deep (up to 12") once fruit are set to golfball size in July-August. Build a moat and lay a hose into it. Also avoid regular irrigation moisture on the leaves, since this will promote early and late blight (brown blotches) on the leaves and fruit.

Congratulations to our Weekly Winner!

Ella Saughren, enjoy your Garden Essentials Gift Basket!

(Please come in and pick it up at The Greenery anytime we're open.)


About the Contest


Each week we have a draw in our garden centre for everyone that filled out a ballot during that week. Ballots are available in-store only, although you may want to check our Facebook page in the near future for special goodies for our Facebook friends!


Happy Gardening!

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