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March 2011 Week 1: The Greenery is Open for the Season

Posted on March 04, 2011

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We are Open!

Yes, we are now open for the season 10am - 5pm, everyday!

With such an incredibly mild Winter...OOPS Sorry! That was last Spring!

Since everything is still covered with ice and snow, you may not be thinking about your garden yet, but don't worry we have been doing that since November and been busy working at it all Winter!
Spring Colour with Pansies

So even this year we have some Spring colour for you with our Pansies, Primulas and potted bulbs. Unfortunately it might be a little bit early to plant these outdoors yet, but we still have them available for you to come and see to get a feel for the season ahead. Yes, it will arrive any day now.
Begonias, Succulents, Fuchsias, and Tropical Hangers ready!

We have a nice selection of Rieger and Solenia Begonias and a collector's selection of Succulents. Why not try bringing some colour into your home, with these excellent choices for indoor/ outdoor plants. These plants can offer a glimpse of Spring now indoors and can later be planted outside for extended use into the season.

For all you Fuchsia enthusiasts, our Winter stock hanging baskets are now ready for sale!

Now also available, is a great selection of Rex Begonias and tropical hanging baskets of Wandering Jews and Spider plants.
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Early Spring Plants
The Greenery field of pansies
Assorted Pansies

begonia 1
Pink Rieger Begonia

assorted succulents
Assorted Succulents
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See you soon!

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